The U.S. Justice System Is Infected With This “Virus”

The U.S. justice system is clearly tiered, and the ones in control aren’t even bothering to hide it anymore.

justice system Two pretty simple principles should apply to all citizens of the United States…

First, the Constitution should be the law of the land. Second, all laws, but especially federal laws, should be applied to every citizen equally and fairly.

(Obviously, the U.S. has WAY too many laws on the books and could probably stand to reduce them by at least half to three quarters. But that’s a topic. The main point I’m making here is that existing laws ought to be applied fairly regardless of one’s status or connections.)

Unfortunately, it appears like neither principle is true any longer. The Constitution gets little more than lip service. And existing laws are not applied equally or fairly.

I’ve already covered the Trump case in New York. In that message I warned how the trial could be a big signal that the U.S. Government is about to try and run rough-shod over ALL corporations if they don’t toe the Uniparty’s “establishment line.”

That will be known as the nationalization of businesses if it comes to pass, and it’s NOT an American idea.

If that globalist B.S. even starts to happen now or in the future, it would pose a death sentence for the corporate protections that all American business owners still enjoy (as long as they are properly structured).

But as you’ll soon read, the situation is potentially even worse for individual citizens…

“Justice for the Uniparty, But Not for Thee”

The Uniparty inside the U.S. has been busy constructing a two-tiered justice system. The result of that activity means there is one justice system for “them,” and one justice system for YOU.

Think about it for a second…

The Uniparty wants to take your guns, but walks around with armed security for themselves. Do you think that will change if they take your 2nd Amendment rights?

(Hint: It won’t, and it isn’t just one side of the aisle that wants you unarmed.)

The Uniparty colluded with “Big Tech” companies to censor your speech, but their cronies still get to say whatever they like (even potentially interfere with elections).

And it gets worse…

While Trump is going through his establishment “show trial,” it’s awfully convenient that Uniparty puppet Biden isn’t on trial at all. Here’s what one Congressman had to say about that “coincidence”:

“What makes the recent allegations against Trump even more troubling is that his indictment came the same week we learned about disturbing accusations about Biden’s possible involvement in a bribery scheme. According to news reports, Biden was allegedly paid $5 million by an executive of Burisma Holdings – the Ukrainian natural gas firm where his son Hunter Biden sat on the board. We don’t yet know the veracity of those reports, but you can’t blame Missourians for being outraged at what appears on its face to be a double standard of justice.”

Another Representative added to the summary of the two-tiered justice system that the Uniparty favors:

We have learned of the contrast between how certain American citizens are treated as compared to others – solely based on their political or religious beliefs.

No matter how you feel about the handful of people who stormed the Capital building on January 6th, stopped the operation of Congress for a whopping four hours, and that resulted in a handful of injuries and a few tragedies…

It’s really interesting that the BLM riots which killed more than 20 people and burned down buildings in every major city during the summer of 2020 haven’t gotten the same treatment under Uniparty law.

In fact, most of those rioters only ever spent one night in the “clink.”

Heck, just the harmless act of trespassing on January 6th got some people unfavorable deals with Federal law enforcement.

This clearly shows that the American idea of “justice for all with malice towards none” is getting thrown out the window.

The message seems to be: No matter what your political views are, if the Uniparty doesn’t like them, you could be the one sent off to the American Gulag to send a message to other people like you.

This type of judicial abuse is only getting worse. If at some point these abuses become more frequent and widespread, there is really only one good solution…

Have Your Exit Plan Prepared n Advance!

Living the life of a digital nomad is, hands down, the absolute most fulfilling and free lifestyle there is.

You can live anywhere in the world, and still have an instant “exit plan” in case the Uniparty decides they don’t like you.

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To live freely is divine,

Bobby Casey

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P.S. The United States isn’t the country it once was. The Uniparty’s application of the two-tiered justice system is likely to escalate fast. The good news is you can create an emergency exit plan even faster…

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