Treasury Invokes Racism for New Tax Rules

The social engineering being read into the tax rules is now trying to impose a form of racial equity, or equality of outcome.

tax rules Believe it or not, the U.S. government is considering changes to the tax code that would either benefit or penalize you based on the color of your skin.

That’s right, the United States Treasury, which operates the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), is proposing to meddle with the tax code in a dangerous way that only Communist countries from the past have done before (with disastrous results).

To better understand their proposal, it’s a good idea to clarify something first…

The BIG Differences Between Equality and Equity

Put simply: Equality of opportunity and access to resources is good, but forcing an equitable outcome isn’t possible.

For example, everyone has the opportunity to start a business. But it’s impossible to guarantee that every business will succeed. Nevertheless, this is what equity tries to do – it tries to force equal outcomes.

The United States was not founded on the idea of equity. Rather, it was founded on the idea that every American would at least be able to have access to the same opportunities. This is called equality of opportunity.

Following this idea, whether or not any American would actually succeed with the resources they were given access to was left up to the free individual.

The problem is, the Treasury is now proposing to enact changes in the tax code to try to force equal outcomes for everybody, i.e. equity.

In this case: How tax programs end up being distributed and used, and even how the tax rates are applied, are just a couple of those potential outcomes.

Everyone should have access to the same opportunities, and more importantly, be treated equally under the tax code, no matter what their skin color is.

But the Treasury is proposing a more dangerous idea that could potentially tax white people differently than blacks, Asians, or any other race.

This is similar to the taxation strategy that Mao Zedong employed during his Communist “Great Leap Forward.” (Except he based his policies on class differences.)

So with the differences between equality and equity in mind, let’s take a quick look at the proposal itself…

“Advancing Equity Through Tax Reform”

In the Treasury’s proposal, they appear to cleverly weaponize words like “equality,” “equity,” and “disparity” to play on the emotions of everyday Americans.

Here’s just one example, where they conflate the wealthy class with racial disparity to make it sound like they’re addressing the same problem:

“They would increase the fairness of the tax code by reforming the taxation of high-income taxpayers to help ensure more equal treatment of income from work and income from wealth. And they would reduce the ability of wealthy individuals to avoid paying capital gains taxes on assets that have increased in value when those assets are passed to heirs. These proposals, in combination, would lift up families, make sure that the most fortunate among us pay their fair share, and reduce income inequality.

These proposals would also increase the fairness of the tax system by addressing some of the features that have historically reinforced racial disparities. Over time, these proposals are expected to increase wealth accumulation by low- and middle-income families and reduce racial wealth gaps.”

It also appears like this is being done so that they could potentially alter the tax code in a way that would end up taxing every race differently, wealthy or not.

Think about it this way: The opportunity to earn wealth has almost nothing to do with race in post-1970 America. Everyone has equal opportunity. But not everyone becomes successful at generating wealth.

“Racial wealth gaps” are an outcome that increased “taxation of high-income taxpayers” won’t do much to resolve. It’s kind of like trying to level out educational achievements by penalizing smart kids and grading them with a handicap. How’s that going to help the students who are struggling? It won’t! But that’s basically the idea behind these new proposed tax rules.

Taxes are theft, and I’ll say that until the day I die. But if the IRS is going to collect taxes, skin color should have nothing to do with it. Unfortunately, the proposal mentions the word “race” 17 times, the word “white” 30 times, and the word “Black” a whopping 37 times.

And Here’s the Kicker…

The proposal finishes with an eerie statement (I’ve bolded the key parts):

“The Budget would tax long-term capital gains and dividends at ordinary rates for taxpayers with more than $1 million in income, curtailing a tax expenditure the benefits of which accrue disproportionately to White families. It would also treat transfers of appreciated property as realization events and impose a minimum tax on the wealthiest families, while expanding tax credits that improve equity.”

Did you catch that?

The Treasury is actually proposing to tax white families differently (based on their skin color), and then proposes to offer tax credits based on “improving” racial equity.

In other words, if you’re white, this proposal appears to have pre-judged you as receiving a disproportionate amount of “benefits.”

Hopefully, this discriminatory nonsense won’t ever see the light of day. Racism has no place in the United States (or anywhere, for that matter).

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  1. Stanley Friedman

    Pretty soon these bureaucrats will tax you for the amount of Lizards DNA you possess if these ungodly idiots are allowed and this will be the beginning of Eugenics just like A I does
    I’d really like a view of the human race 200 years from now if we survive if these pseudo humans are not curtailed if you want my opinion

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