The True Value of Bitcoin: What You Really Need to Know

December 3, 2013

By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director

My buddy and fellow freedom-loving protagonist, Stefan Molyneux recently released this video dissecting the benefits and usage of Bitcoin. 

I must admit, I am woefully ignorant about this subject but I personally found this video HUGELY educational and eye-opening. 

For example, I knew Bitcoin is used as an alternative to fiat currency, but I had no idea that it could also be used to transmit any type of data like contracts in a pre-programmed manner. 

The video is about 40 minutes long, but I seriously encourage you to watch it through the end.  Bitcoin will likely be an economic game-changer. 

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  1. Stefan,
    You completely blew Schiff away in this debate. His fear based and government backed argument was just status quo all the way. Trusting the government is the least proven intelligent thing in the world to do. The hypocrisy of his arguments has no end.

  2. Stefan

    I heard about bitcoin some three years ago and have been following it more or less since with great interest. Your video was very helpful. What I am wondering is how tangible assets can be tied to bitcoin. My gut tells me it can be and intellectual property’s value is often precisely because it allows us to be more productive in creating tangible goods. I am just not making the clear connection yet but believe it’s there. Your thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks


  3. Thank you so much for reposting this!

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