October 18, 2013

By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director

us capital controlsI’ve been saying that capital controls in the US are inevitable for the past four years.  Blinded by the irrational belief America is still the best place on earth, most Americans disregarded me and called me a conspiracy theorist. 

“That would never happen in the US,” they said. 

“How could the US possibly close its doors to international business,” I have heard repeatedly.

“What would currency controls even look like?” said by many of our subscribers.

Well folks, capital controls have finally hit the mainstream.

Just today one of my clients sent me this letter.  This was the actual letter he received from his US bank, Chase:


Chase PNG


You can see the dates.  My client received this letter on October 7th.  As of November 17th, he is no longer able to make any outgoing international wire transfers. 

In addition to that, he is now limited to $50,000 in monthly cash transactions.  Wow. 

Literally as I was writing this article, another client emailed me with exactly the same letter, also from Chase.

I hate to say it folks, but – I told you so.  I’ve been telling our readers this for years.  Take action before it’s too late.


At this time, it may only be Chase. Maybe your bank still allows international wires.  But what about next week?  Or next month?  Will it still be allowed?

This is nothing more than an effort to stem the flight of capital.

The slave masters are scared. 

They are afraid.  They know you can see the cracks in the foundation. 

The banking aristocracy is taking drastic measures to ensure your capital stays right where they want it – with their banks in the good ole US of A.

These capital controls underscore a more deep seated problem in the US. 

What company – large or small – will invest in factories, offices, or staff in the US, home to capital controls, out of control government spending, and the highest corporate tax rate on the planet? 

Long term this does not play out very well for the economic activity in Amerika.  The more the slave masters try to control the masses, the more the shackles are broken. 

I would highly encourage you to act now.  At a minimum, get a portion of your cash outside the US while it is still possible. 

We can help you open offshore bank accounts at more than a dozen banks in several different countries (at least while they still accept Americans).  We have a variety of strategies to help you diversify your wealth offshore to ensure you are not devastated as the American banking system continues to worsen.

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