White House Sidesteps the Law to Snoop on You (Here’s How)

Yet another case of the White House partnering with Big Tech to find a backdoor work-around to invade your privacy surfaces.

white house In the 1960s an ominous warning was issued by United States Supreme Court Justice Douglas. It read:

“We are rapidly entering the age of no privacy, where everyone is open to surveillance at all times; where there are no secrets from the government.” — William O. Douglas, dissenting in Osborn v. United States (1966)

If you were alive back in the 1960s, you might have read the Justice’s words and thought, “There is no way that could happen here, in the U.S.”

But in 2013, following the Snowden revelations from inside the National Security Administration, we found that Douglas’s warning went unheeded.

And after Snowden blew the whistle on the NSA, the lower-level courts FINALLY ruled those surveillance programs unconstitutional (and illegal).

The worst part is, it took a full seven years for the courts to come to their senses and make what should have been an obvious ruling to liberty-minded people.

In light of those rulings, you might be led to believe that the U.S. Government would have at least slowed down the collection of private data from Americans who’ve committed no crime whatsoever.


Instead of slowing down, their data collection practices have gotten even worse, and blatantly fascist on top of that.

The Government partnered with a large company, in this case AT&T, and invaded the private lives of law-abiding people in major ways.

You can even make the case that the White House has officially gone rogue (which means it doesn’t matter who is President):

[…] It was recently revealed that the White House, relying on a set of privacy loopholes, has been sidestepping the Fourth Amendment by paying AT&T to allow federal, state, and local law enforcement to access—without a warrant—the phone records of Americans who are not suspected of a crime.

It’s not just law enforcement agencies investigating drug crimes who are using Hemisphere to sidestep the Fourth Amendment, either. Those who have received training on the program reportedly include postal workers, prison officials, highway patrol officers, border cops, and the National Guard.

It’s a program ripe for abuse, and you can bet it’s getting abused.

If it weren’t bad enough that postal workers are now a part of the surveillance apparatus (which makes zero sense), their “access” to your private life is warrantless.

And about that abuse by the Uniparty, it’s already happening right now…

5 Ways Snoops Gain More Access to Your Private Life

Even if you’re a “good citizen,” who obeys the laws in society, it doesn’t matter. The United States Government is addicted to finding new ways to violate your privacy.

The ACLU listed 5 ways these snoops gain more and more access to the private parts of your life, and there are a bunch more I can’t cover in this message:

  1. There are two NSA surveillance programs called PRISM and Upstream. Each program has multiple parts.

But the worst part is what exactly the NSA does with the information it collects:

The NSA then searches for key terms, such as email addresses or phone numbers, that are associated with its hundreds of thousands of foreign targets. Communications determined to be to and from those targets — as well as those that happen to be bundled with them in transit — are retained in NSA databases for further use and analysis.

So, basically, they are building a dossier on you, right now, “for further use and analysis.” They do that without a warrant, and without your permission.

On top of that, they never seem to stop expanding their dragnet of privacy-invading activities…

  1. Surveillance is always expanding.

The ACLU revealed the data that proves the NSA has tripled the size of its “target” database in just eight years:

[…] After the Snowden revelations in 2013, it reported having 89,138 targets. By 2021, the government was targeting the communications of a staggering 232,432 individuals, groups, and organizations.

These are the people currently being investigated by the agency. In the future, that list could include you.

  1. The FISA 702 programs were only supposed to be used for foreign surveillance, but are now being used as a domestic surveillance tool on ordinary Americans.

The 4th Amendment of the Constitution is supposed to protect your private life from this warrantless intrusion by the Government panopticon. But as you would expect from a rogue Government, that doesn’t appear to be the case any longer.

They’re just ignoring the founding document altogether.

  1. The courts aren’t doing much to protect your Constitutional rights, either. It would be easy for the SCOTUS to just rule these programs unconstitutional once and for all, but they seem to be looking the other way.
  2. Congress has had numerous opportunities to stop the use of these surveillance programs on the ordinary public, but hasn’t thus far. Over and over again, these programs keep getting renewed by the Uniparty.

In fact, they just recently extended the use of “Section 702” for four more months!

According to the ACLU, which slammed Congress for extending the use of these unlawful domestic surveillance programs:

The House of Representatives voted 310-118 to pass the National Defense Authorization Act, which includes a four-month extension of Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) with none of the fundamental reforms needed to protect Americans’ civil rights and civil liberties.

Based on this, it truly seems like Justice Douglas’ warning about privacy from 1966 is coming true in every sense.

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