Why 33% of United States Now Has Elevated Risk of Power Outages

One third of the US at risk of power outages because the grids  are not up to the task of serving the demand.

power Most people in the United States rely on electricity. Most people also don’t realize how fragile the system that delivers electricity to homes is.

This Summer the reliability of that very system is going to be tested in a major way.

Imagine if you flipped your bathroom light switch and the light didn’t turn on. Imagine realizing that your power is out – and that it’s going to be 101 degrees today.

But in this hypothetical situation, your power is out not because of some storm, forest fire, or other emergency, but because…

The Electrical Grid Isn’t Even Up to the Task!

A report issued by the National Electrical Reliability Corporation (NERC) revealed a brand-new weakness in what is supposed to be a “first world” electrical system:

According to the NERC report, several regions, including parts of Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Illinois, and Iowa, could experience an “elevated” risk of summer electricity reliability issues from June to September. This risk level implies the possibility of insufficient operating reserves under conditions of higher-than-normal demand. The assessment is based on factors such as the potential for low wind or solar energy production, which can result in a diminished power supply.

You can see the areas where “elevated risk” for power outages are, starting this Summer, on the report’s map below (source):


When you take both the quote and map above into account, you can see a pattern forming. The environmental push towards solar and wind power appears to have diminished the reliability of the power grid in areas with severe storms, only a little bit of sunlight, or little wind at certain times.

Here’s what the environmental activists and Government busybodies aren’t taking into consideration…

Storms destroy windmills and solar farms. Solar farms NEED the Sun (and clear days) to deliver reliable energy. If there isn’t enough wind blowing, or if they need maintenance, the wind turbines don’t create much usable energy at all.

The extra demand caused by this puts extra strain on a modern power grid. If you are relying on that power to run your air conditioner, then extra strain isn’t good.

In fact, one power company executive issued a warning based on this very report:

Michelle Bloodworth, CEO of America’s Power, responded to the NERC report by emphasizing the increasing reliance of the American electricity grid on weather-dependent electricity sources. She warned that this reliance puts one-third of the country at an elevated risk of blackouts this summer and that the risks could increase due to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations.

Did you catch the last part of the quote above? In addition to the power grid problems that are now coming to light…

A government agency, in this case the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), could increase the risks of blackouts due to unnecessary overregulation. What a surprise.

And that brings me to my last point…

Sadly, There’s An Even Deeper Issue At Play Here

I’m all for real innovation that helps people live free lives in a better way.

But this summer could prove to be yet another example of how government involvement will end up making things a LOT worse for people, not better.

Sometimes the simplest solution is “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.” In the case of the power system for the United States, it seems like the government’s “full steam ahead” push for “clean energy” could cause a lot of suffering this summer or in the near future.

Sometimes I also wonder if the climate “emergency” that underlies this push is really an emergency at all. Is it ever?

The good news is, you don’t have to suffer at the hands of government officials who could be taking advantage of a so-called “climate crisis”…

How to Create Your Own “Energy Independence” Plan

There’s always somewhere safe in the world to live freely, make good money, and most importantly, live privately – with all the cheap and reliable energy you need to live a good life, free from government busybodies.

The best way to do all of that (and more) is to become a digital nomad.

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Bobby Casey

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