Why You Need a “Find the Freedom” Plan

The pandemic made clear the importance of having flexibility and an alternate freedom plan for when tyranny sets in.

freedom plan “America, land of the free and home of the brave.” 

Except when a moderate virus provides the opportunity to impose tyranny. Then Americans cower in fear while state and federal despots in the U.S. do everything in their power to restrict personal freedoms.

The U.S. has a Constitution that is supposed to be considered the “law of the land” even during these types of emergencies. 

But it looks as though that principle got tossed out the window after March 2020 when 43 out of 50 states followed China’s lead and locked everything down for weeks, except “essential businesses.” This was followed by mask mandates, and even “show your papers” vaccine mandates.

The mainstream media championed politicians and lockdown measures while spreading constant COVID “panic-porn” that still stokes widespread fear today, 24 months after the first “official” case was recorded in January 2020.

Politicians have achieved little or no mitigation of the virus despite all the rules, restrictions, and vaccinations of the last two years. In some ways — and in certain liberal states like California and New York — they’re actually worse off today than they were at the beginning of the pandemic!

Keeping all of that in mind…

There was one country that took a different approach: Sweden

Don’t get me wrong, Sweden is far from perfect, especially with its high taxes. But at least their response to the COVID pandemic didn’t rob their citizens of basic liberties.

Sovereign Man summarized it nicely:

Sweden’s contrarian approach to managing the pandemic has elicited criticism from many woke critics across the globe — yet the country’s hospitalization and death rates compared very favorably to many countries that introduced draconian regulations, petrified their citizens, and decimated their economies. 

Then Viktorija Simulynaite summed up what she discovered when visiting Sweden during the middle of the pandemic: 

She could get into restaurants without vaccine passport demands and terse standoffs with their managers and/or other patrons. Vaccine passports weren’t required to enter Swedish restaurants, bars and businesses. 

And most gratifyingly, almost no one was wearing masks; neither outside, nor inside. 

Comparing the United States to Sweden during COVID-19 illustrates the importance of having your own escape plan in the event of a national emergency, whether it’s a “pandemic” or something else.

Because some countries that have a reputation for being “free” might end up being authoritarian, even if it’s temporary. And some welfare countries, like Sweden, can become freedom havens.

But things change fast, and even if you could escape to a place like Sweden, you’ll always need the flexibility to go somewhere else should the need arise…

You might even call it your “Find the Freedom” Plan

As you probably know, I’ve been living the life of a “digital nomad” since 2001. That means l have enjoyed the benefits of location independence.

During that time, I’ve also learned dozens of valuable lessons about how to maintain my independence free from authoritarian governments, agency snoops, and IRS auditors. 

On top of that I’ve learned the secrets to obtaining a second passport as fast as possible, in “safe” countries free from overreaching government bureaucrats. All done legally yet “under the radar.”

I created GWP Insiders to share those lessons.

In fact, I recently updated the entire membership area and I’m relaunching it as GWP Insiders 3.0. And, for a limited time, you can save 70% on membership.

Why should you seriously consider this (besides not wanting to get stuck in a tyrannical country)?

GWP Insiders is a complete roadmap of internationalization strategies for location-independent entrepreneurs and investors looking for answers to tax, residency, wealth, and lifestyle questions.

Most importantly, you’ll learn about legal tax avoidance loopholes that can protect you from “unrealized income” taxes or any other taxes politicians dream up.

Bottom line, we believe in REAL freedom. Freedom to keep the money you earned.  Freedom to travel where you want, when you want…

Freedom to be private and secure in your business affairs and day to day life.

When you become a member of GWP Insiders, you’ll have access to some of the most valuable and closely guarded secrets the wealthy use to protect and grow their wealth. 

For example, you’ll discover:

  • How to obtain citizenship and a second passport in less than one year.
  • The biggest tax haven in the world (most NEVER get this right).
  • How to create an offshore bank account and brokerage accounts to store, protect, and grow your wealth.
  • How to structure your business (and life) to minimize or eliminate taxes.
  • The best opportunities for investing in foreign real estate.
  • The best places around the world for living as an expat or nomad.

And much, much more.

Right now, you can save 70% on your GWP Insiders 3.0 membership. But please hurry because this offer won’t last much longer.

Living privately,

Bobby Casey

Location Independent Entrepreneur

P.S. You can be sure there will be another pandemic or some other “emergency” that wannabe dictators exploit to steal your liberties. That’s why you need your own “find the freedom” plan so you can escape (and so they can’t find you)… 

Become a GWP Insiders member today to discover how to keep your income and personal liberties safe, along with many more secrets to secure your freedom…

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