Will Tyranny Be Completed Before Humanity Wakes Up Again?

April 18, 2013

By: Paul Rosenberg, FreemansPerspective.com

Will Tyranny Be Completed Before Humanity Wakes Up AgainAll of our lives have occurred in an era of peak somnambulism (a.k.a. sleepwalking), and those of us who enjoy being awake have suffered mightily because of it. Using your mind has come with a price in our time, which is pretty sick, really.

Humanity, however, does not sleep forever. Eventually humans get tired with the permanent suspension of thought. I know that none of us have ever seen that in our lifetimes, but I study history, and trust me, it has happened in the past.

Can you imagine people traveling a hundred miles on foot, over muddy roads and fields, with bad shoes, and sleeping outdoors, just to listen to a teacher who the authorities had recently defrocked for immorality and cast out of the city? And this teacher wasn’t a religious guru or the leader of a revolution: he was teaching things like history, philosophy and logic.

Well, hundreds of people, even thousands, did this in the early 12th century. (The teacher’s name was Peter Abelard, and he wasn’t the only one.) Europeans had been cut-off from learning by their ruling systems for hundreds of years, and yet at this moment they remembered that they were human and woke up.

I’m promising that this will happen again anytime soon, mind you, but it does happen on occasion.

From the 12th century through the 19th century, Europeans and Americans generally used their brains, and life in the West improved massively; far beyond anything ever seen in the historical record. But then, it changed. Knowledge didn’t go away, but humanity forgot that it mattered and decided that sleepwalking was easier and better.

It’s not often that you get personalities as diverse as F.A. Hayek, Virginia Woolf, Ayn Rand, and the Bohemian artists of London to all agree, but there was one subject on which they did concur: All of them said that there was a distinct change in the nature of humanity in 1911 or thereabouts. Virginia Woolf, for example, was very precise, placing it in December of 1910 and writing that “human character changed.” Ayn Rand, who was very young at the time, placed it “before World War One” and said “the West lost its nerve.”

Whatever it was that happened, it is very clear that since that time, the men of the West have tried very hard to sleep and have fought to remain in their slumbers. Yes, they were scientifically trained to be that way in government conditioning centers (a.k.a. schools). And yes, they spent decades of their lives in factories where thinking was taken as a threat. And yes, it’s true that they were subjected to millions of advertisements that grasped at their minds and wills. But even all of that doesn’t account for a hundred years of slumbers.

The big factor in all of this was the great god of the age: Television. After all, to most people, television is simply what we do. Try telling people that you don’t watch TV some time and see what happens – they’ll treat you like a space alien. And if you persist, they’re likely to see you as a threat.

TV is simply what modern humanity does. Americans watch better than 150 hours of TV per month these days – on average. And when they’re not watching flashing images on their awesome new flatscreen (bigger than their neighbor’s!), they’re plugged in to some kind of iPod, iPad, or some other trendy new iGadget. Anything to avoid thinking.

And the more bizarre the world gets – like Presidents and courts agreeing that droning citizens to death without a trial is not a Constitutional problem – they more they avoid thinking. The more the need to think sits in front of their faces, the more they crawl into TV, music, tabloids, booze, and anything else that will allow them to avoid it. Their ignorance must be preserved, or else they’ll have to face the thing they’ve been running from all their lives: responsibility.

But, as I say, this will not last forever. Whenever it is that the hypnosis breaks, those who have been using it as a slave drug will have a problem.

And that may be why they’re in such a hurry to build a fast, cheap tyranny.

Once humanity turns again, the elite life-skimmers will need the ability to remove troublemakers quickly and easily, and to lead with it on the nightly news… presuming that anyone still watches the insulting drivel. There are signs of humanity waking up, after all.

Who would have dared to predict thousands of young people following an old doctor like Ron Paul around the country, eagerly waiting to hear about the Federal Reserve scam? I’m not at all sure that will be enough, but it did involve numbers of young people opening their eyes, and it was a real surprise.

So, if this continues, the power-mongers will need cheap control, which is why they’ve been procuring drones and computers. Drones and 24/7 monitoring make for excellent, cheap tyranny: A world-wide surveillance web to see what you are thinking about, a world-wide manipulation system to nudge you in the ‘right’ directions, and drones to intimidate you… and, if necessary, to take you out. (Once your worst texts and emails have been worked into an appropriate story, of course.)

So, we’re in a race between cheap tyranny and humanity deciding that a hundred semi-comatose years were enough, and that it’s time to wake up.

Which side will win the race? I dunno.

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3 thoughts on “Will Tyranny Be Completed Before Humanity Wakes Up Again?”

  1. I have been saying this for years, I too have been a self imposed victim of this form of diversions.
    I have stopped listening to the news, Way to depressing, also, we aren’t being told the truth anyway. So why listen to the brain washing reels from the talking heads ? Now if I watch the Boob Tube, its fun or educational stuff.
    We can’t let the masses have any power, let alone have weapons to defend them selves. Good reason for gun control,
    That’s why there is a drive to register guns, we have to know where the guns are, to take them away,… right ….
    If the government really cared about safety, they would now begin to register pressure cookers !
    We, those that realize what is going on, need to be preparing ourselves for the controls that have been implemented and those that are still on the way.

    the words ” GET OUT ” keep ringing in my ears. I don’t need to be told twice, I just need to get my ducks in a row.
    The Germans, after Hitler took power, had signs of what was coming down the road, but they were thinking, ” This won’t happen, the government / the people, won’t let this continue in this direction for long. The people will wake up and put an end to this madness, ” Well how did that work out for the Germans, and the rest of Europe, not to mention the Jews. Everyone was comfortable, those that weren’t working, joined different political military organizations. I hope our rights return, but every violent act committed, gives the government another reason to put more controls on the population to protect them from each other. Use every disaster for your benefit.
    We can only imagine what new controls will be implemented after the Boston tragedy.
    You can’t fix stupid, cruelty, or insanity, with legislation.


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    finish reading it and when you try to close the pop-up you areautomatically
    navigated back to the beginning of the article.

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