Your Assets Seized (And Nothing You Can Do About It)

Police can seize assets, under a presumption of guilt; and they are incentivized to do so under a federal equitable sharing program.

seize assets Imagine a police officer just showed up at your door one morning and seized your car even though you hadn’t committed any crime.

Imagine he did not even accuse you of a crime, but merely cited criminal suspicion — he simply claimed he had reason to believe you were breaking the law.

Imagine your car being towed away while the police officer sanctioned the seizure. And imagine never being charged with any official crime — yet still losing your car.

Now stop imagining. If you live in the “Land of the Free” (the United States), you already live in that kind of society.

The sudden seizure of your assets by police is something called civil asset forfeiture. There’s a long history of civil asset forfeiture in the U.S., and it’s happening more and more frequently.

But Here’s the Real Kicker…

In 2014, U.S. cops seized more total assets than burglars. It may be even more lopsided today than it was seven years ago. 

But even if this disturbing trend of civil asset forfeiture hasn’t gotten worse since then, there are two important things to think about: 

  1. Why are burglars the only ones held accountable for theft?
  2. Not too long after that 2014 report, the Equitable Sharing Program was restarted which allowed police to leverage federal law and keep 80% of what they took.

A quick look at the United States DOJ website revealed that the program is still in operation today, complete with an instruction manual for state and local authorities.

According to the American Institute of Economic Research, there isn’t much you can do to protect yourself from the confiscation of your assets at the hands of police:

Protections against seizure and forfeiture are so fragile that they encourage law enforcement officers to treat every roadside encounter like an interaction with a career criminal. The law encourages the investigation, detention, and search of motorists for crimes that have nothing to do with automobile travel. The possession of cash, for instance, serves as sufficient evidence that the cash is related to crime and therefore justifies its confiscation.

The article also revealed that the 4th Amendment against illegal search and seizure appears to have been tossed out the window: “If the victim of a cash seizure wants his or her money back, to retake possession, that person must demonstrate in court that it is unrelated to criminal conduct.”

In other words, the onus is placed on the citizen victim to prove his own innocence… the exact opposite of the legal principle of being “innocent until proven guilty.”

The only hopeful sign is the handful of states that have ditched civil asset forfeiture entirely: Maine, New Mexico, North Carolina, and Nebraska. Unfortunately, that leaves 46 remaining states where the police can “pick your pockets” for no good reason.

Freedom in the U.S. is in short supply these days. And more of it disappears every year. Which is why… 

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