2 ways to move assets offshore without reporting – pt 1

There are only two ways to move assets offshore for US citizens without having to report them to the IRS; real estate and precious metals.  Now keep in mind that all US citizens and residents are required to report any worldwide income regardless of where you live.  So if you were thinking about buying that  condo in the south of France and renting it out, you will still need to report the income.  But for asset protection, there is no better way than owning real estate beyond the clutches of the US government.

But if you were already considering buying a vacation property, considering property values all over the world are down and US citizens are likely to see more agressive currency controls, now is the perfect opportunity to buy that vacation house outside of the US. 

I recently made the acquaintence of a man in Costa Rica that is building a very interesting health and wellness resort.  He has already built and sold several houses and has many lots already sold.  He has also built a bed and breakfast and a spa.  He will soon be adding a medical facility, a hotel, and several restaurants.  For qualfied parties, he will even pay for your airfare to come visit.  He is looking for investors who want to build a house, run a hotel, or doctors who can perform plastic surgery.

It’s a great opportunity for those interested in retirement, a second home, a business oppoortunity or just a vacation.  I personally have not toured this property  yet, but I intend to make a trip there later this year to put boots on the ground.  I have thoroughly reviewed his investment offerings and his business plan and it has me intrigued.  I cannot post his contact info here, but if you are interested, send me an email and I will connect you with Hugo. 

It’s certainly worth checking out.  I know I am.


  1. i too would like to speak to Hugo very much. can you provide his contact info?


  2. Jack be nimble says

    I would like to get a chance to speak with Hugo. Can you send his info to my email address.

  3. Nightrider says

    your heading is a misnomer as the suggested method in the story is after the fact (after you move the money out to a foreign land). when you move a certain minimum amount from your US bank to a foreign bank or perhaps a foreign escrow company if buying RE, your US bank REPORTS it, whether it is done by personal check, bank check, wire, etc. Other than that, you suggestion is sound.

  4. christie vollmecke says

    where can I buy gold in South America. We are buying a home in Ecuador so where can I buy and where can I hold it

  5. Thanks dude, that’s really helpful info, thanks.

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