Setting up a company structure for digital nomads is not as simple as people think and many freelancers and entrepreneurs make the same costly mistakes.

business structureMost GWP Insiders are digital nomad entrepreneurs and freelancers who need tax consulting and company structure planning.

My clients who fall into this category save on average 50-100% on their income taxes after working with me.

So if they were paying $50k a year in taxes, now they’re paying less than $25k.

That’s a pretty big deal.

But here’s the biggest mistake people make BEFORE they come to me, and it can delay their tax savings for months…

They hire an accountant or CPA for business planning, and as a result they set up their business the WRONG WAY.

Now listen because this is super important…

CPAs and accountants are not trained or experienced in setting up business structures for digital nomad entrepreneurs. They just aren’t.

I, however, have done it for years and deal with this stuff all day, every day.

Ideally, somebody like me is involved in the planning and business structure phase.

Then, after that’s all done, we assign you a CPA or accountant who can manage the business entity, do all the filings, etc.

Doing it this way means everything goes smoothly for you and you save tens of thousands in taxes starting from day one.

That’s why if you’re considering living the digital nomad lifestyle, or you’re already moving in that direction, then it will be cheaper to talk to me now than it will be not to. I promise you that.

It will save you a ton of time and money, not to mention all the headaches of having to redo and refile paperwork.

So what kinds of people become GWP Insiders?

I have a lot of American clients and many non-US clients as well. Here are some examples:

  • A Canadian ecomm entrepreneur living in Portugal making 6-7 figures net. He needs to know where to register his company and how to get out of the Canadian tax system without owing much (or anything) in Portugal.
  • A German SaaS company owner living in Thailand.
  • A Brit who is nomadic with a digital marketing agency.
  • An American with a digital products business living in Mexico.

As you can see, my clients are diverse. But they’re all facing similar challenges when it comes to creating the right business structure and getting it optimized for a low-tax (or no-tax) multi-jurisdictional approach.

And I’m the one guy they come to for help.

So if you’d like to avoid making the #1 most common business structure mistake (as well as many others unique to your situation), then you should join us inside GWP Insiders.

Because, as a member, you’ll get unlimited 1-hour consultations with me, as needed.

Plus, you’ll get ALL the content inside the membership area, which includes a variety of internationalization strategies (offshore companies, trust planning, tax planning, real estate, 2nd passports, etc), discounts on offshore structures, and much more.

Joining GWP Insiders and scheduling your first call with me is easy. Just go to this special page and sign up now.

To live freely is divine,

Bobby Casey

Location Independent Entrepreneur

P.S. Bring me your toughest questions about setting up and internationalizing your business. I bet I can answer all of them during our first call. Massive ROI for the right person.