Asset Protection for the Free Market Capitalist

Today I want to share with you my philosophical beliefs on capitalism and a free market in order to help you understand why asset protection planning is so important.  Historically, capitalism has proven itself to be the only system that works efficiently, but it now seems the governments of the world are increasingly trying to […]

Top 10 reasons you should celebrate the new health care bill

I don’t usually repost other people’s blogs, but this one is pretty funny.  Please click through to read the remainder… The Top Ten Reasons You Should Celebrate House Passage Of The Healthcare Bill 10) A nation that can afford trillions in deficits as far as the eye can see can surely afford hundreds of billions […]

Asset Protection and the Health Care Bill – p2

If you are reading this blog, you know my focus is on asset protection planning.  Presumably we are also somewhat like-minded or else you would quickly tire of my rants.  My point being, this health care bill has a significant impact on your wealth.  And the longer you wait to act on creating an asset […]

Asset Protection and the Health Care Bill – p1

If you have been reading my blog or newsletter for awhile, you can imagine my view on the new health care bill.  I realize this blog is primarily concerned with asset protection planning, so bear with me while I get to the ‘what’s in it for me’ question.  I agree with most Americans that the […]

Keynes vs Hayek rap – pretty funny

I found this video on the internet and thought it was pretty humorous.  Let me know what you think.