5 Steps to Eliminate Investment Risk

Like many of you, I am an investor and a trader. If you are also in the markets today, you are surely finding it to be increasingly difficult to locate safe places to stash your cash. In the past year we have seen silver go from $16/oz to $36/oz. We have seen gold go from […]

The Great Reset is in Full Swing

If the past couple of weeks have not convinced you that we are living in the age of the “Great Reset”, then nothing is going to open your eyes. Public unions all around the Mid West US are now in full tilt protest. Treasury bond auctions are coming up short. Oil is now at $102 […]

Are You a Beast of Burden?

Reading the headlines over the past two weeks was like riding a roller coaster with no seatbelt – exciting to say the least. We read about the turmoil in Tunisia, Egypt, Iran, Libya and pretty much the rest of the Middle East. In about one week we have seen oil spike from $83 per barrel […]

Can I Buy You a Drink?

Sometimes I feel like we are living in George Orwell’s “1984”. Over the past few weeks we have now heard Obama and Geitner call for a major overhaul of the US tax code with an emphasis on LOWERING the corporate tax rate. Wait a minute. Didn’t we just spend the last few months listening to […]

Detroit – Beyond Thunderdome

Last week I read an article in The Wall Street Journal titled, ‘Detroit and Decay’. It was truly disturbing. To me it tells a story about where this country is heading. In the early days of the industrial revolution, Detroit was the hub of innovation and capitalism. Today it more closely resembles a landscape scene […]

Asset Protection in the ‘Great Reset’

We are now living in what I call ‘The Great Reset’, which will require each of us to reevaluate our own effectiveness and value in society. In ‘The Great Reset’, we will experience many changes that will affect not only our lives, but the lives of the next generation as well. I hope you are […]

Protect Your Assets Now

In order to get the people to believe the US is the best place to do business, it must first BE the best place to do business.  And this involves creating the proper incentives.  I truly  believe that a large part of this needs to begin with a massively overhauled tax code similar to what […]

The Morality of Asset Protection

Back in May I went on a 12 day trip to Amsterdam and New York, then back to Estonia.  The purpose was to attend an annual entrepreneurship conference in New York that I have been a part of for 6 years now.  And what an amazing trip.  Each year we gather in a different US […]

Asset Protection – FATCA Requirements

The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, or FATCA, will require all foreign financial institutions or FFI’s to enter into information disclosure agreements with the IRS. A FFI is any non-U.S. entity that accepts monetary deposits, holds financial assets for the accounts of others, or participates in the business of investing or trading securities, commodities, partnerships, […]

China Building $8B Oil Refinery in Nigeria

In the news… China is going to build an 8 billion dollar oil refinery in Nigeria. It is the first of 3 refineries that comprise a $23bn agreement between NNPC and CSCEC. Nigeria’s state oil company, NNPC, will cover 20% of the cost while the state of Lagos will provide the land. The China State […]