Asset Protection for Your IRA and 401K

Over the past year I have written several times about the potential for the US government to nationalize private retirement accounts like IRA’s and 401k’s.  If you aren’t including your retirement accounts in your asset protection planning, you are fooling yourself into thinking they are safe.   Of course I know you all think, “That […]

I’m Not Chicken Little

Last night I was working a bit on the computer on a couple of new projects. I found years ago that running multiple monitors dramatically increases my productivity. I keep various tasks on the monitors eliminating the need to switch back and forth. It really is a time saver. On one of the monitors I […]

The Black Crow Event

Happy Cinco de Mayo mi amigos!  (Sorry, this was last week’s newsletter).  As you are all most likely aware, today is the day to celebrate drinking beer and eating fish tacos…and oh yeah, the Mexicans defeating France in 1862.  But never mind that nonsense; let’s have another pitcher of Dos Equis. This is how most […]

Uncle Ben’s Free Gift

While at a social event yesterday with a group of about 40 entrepreneurs, I was bombarded with questions regarding the economy, investing, and ‘geo-arbitrage’. On the topic of ‘geo-arbitrage’, a good friend of mine, Phil, has asked me on several occasions what is the appeal of moving abroad. Over the last 2 years, I spent […]

Are We Slaves to the State?

It’s that time of year again; the season that everyone loves to hate; tax time. Personally, I don’t completely despise paying taxes as much as I despise the complications of tax reporting and the use of tax dollars. Don’t get me wrong, our current tax system in the US has reached a point where it […]

On the Path to Socialism???

Over the past couple of years we keep hearing various media outlets and bloggers debate about whether or not America is on the path to socialism. Many people talk about the destruction of privacy from Bush’s Patriot Act, while others discuss the nationalization of the healthcare system from Obamacare. According to, the definition of […]

The Procrastinator’s Doctrine

Over the past week I have spoken to a few existing and potential clients who still seem reluctant to ‘pull the trigger’ on completing their own asset protection plan. Yesterday, I spoke to a woman who mentioned that she realizes it is something she needs to do, but is struggling with the idea of spending […]

5 Steps to Eliminate Investment Risk

Like many of you, I am an investor and a trader. If you are also in the markets today, you are surely finding it to be increasingly difficult to locate safe places to stash your cash. In the past year we have seen silver go from $16/oz to $36/oz. We have seen gold go from […]

The Great Reset is in Full Swing

If the past couple of weeks have not convinced you that we are living in the age of the “Great Reset”, then nothing is going to open your eyes. Public unions all around the Mid West US are now in full tilt protest. Treasury bond auctions are coming up short. Oil is now at $102 […]

Are You a Beast of Burden?

Reading the headlines over the past two weeks was like riding a roller coaster with no seatbelt – exciting to say the least. We read about the turmoil in Tunisia, Egypt, Iran, Libya and pretty much the rest of the Middle East. In about one week we have seen oil spike from $83 per barrel […]