Using Geo-Arbitrage to Stop the Acceleration of Destruction

After last week’s asset protection newsletter, “The United Corporate Statism of America”, the resulting backlash from readers was to be expected.  It seems some people, regardless of the clear patterns in government today, remain sheeple and think the president deserves a certain level of respect exclusively linked to his position of power. It just seems […]

What is your Escape Hatch?

Do You Have a Realistic Asset Protection Plan? Two weeks ago to the day I received a call from a friend of mine in the US.  Dave runs a motorcycle performance shop in North Carolina and called me to chat about business.  In the conversation he mentioned that he would be in Milan, Italy the […]

I’m Mad as Hell…

…and I’m not going to take it anymore.  This is the sentiment expressed around the US through the recent ‘Occupy Wall Street (OWS)’ movement that seems to be flaring tempers on both sides of the argument. Living in Eastern Europe, I am somewhat sheltered from this, but with Facebook and all of the news outlets […]

I’m Buying Call Options on Entrepreneurship

Asset Protection – Entrepreneurship Over the past week I have been working with one of my asset protection clients developing a strategy for him to minimize his risk.  He is a commercial real estate entrepreneur with a fairly large 8 figure net worth.  Every time I work with successful entrepreneurs like him I can feel […]

Putting a Band-aid on a Bullet Hole

If you can fog a mirror you are certainly aware of the Obamessiah’s grand plan to save jobs in America.  If you are so inclined you can read the full 199 page proposal here. For those of you not inclined to read the musings of Barry O and his legal minions, let me summarize his […]

More Incestuous than a West Virginia Coal Town

A couple of days ago, a very good friend of mine, Greg, emailed me about the recent emails I have been sending out to my readers.  Essentially, he said I was screwing up.  His complaint was the recent emails promoting the products of other companies and how it was diluting my message. Greg is a […]

Where Turmoil Exists, Opportunity Persists

Last week was tumultuous.  Personally I moved to another country, settled in an apartment, then had to unexpectedly move to another apartment temporarily.  I have also had no less than 3 offers on apartments fall through because I waited just a little too long. I feel today is the day though.  Of course I am […]

The Dead Hedge Fund Manager Bounce

If you read my letter last week, you know I have now escaped from America.  Last week we moved to Riga, Latvia.  It was a hellish plane ride riddled with delays, running through the airport baggage bouncing behind, barely making connections, and lost luggage.  You name it, it went wrong. Now that we are settled […]