With the ridiculous amount of government spending and huge increase of debt, the US has no choice but to increase taxes and devalue the dollar.  If there was ever a time to diversify your wealth and create an offshore asset protection plan, it is now. 

Creating an offshore asset protection strategy can give you access to worldwide markets and investment opportunities that are not available in the US.  By holding your assets in an offshore IBC, LLC, or trust, you are free to conduct business beyond the US borders and gain rock solid asset protection.  It is likely there will be currency controls which will disallow US citizens from moving money outside of the US. 

Much like the law in 2008 that requires the payment of estate taxes for any US citizen that denounces his citizenship, there will be protectionist policies enacted with the attempt to prevent an outflow of capital from the US economy.  Now is the time to act if you wish to have the freedom to manage your assets as you wish.