Digital Nomads Have This Incredible “Magic Power”

With all that’s happened over the last year and a half around the world, perhaps having a contingency plan for your business makes sense.

business In 2020, the reaction to the pandemic shifted into high gear. Governments all over the world leveraged that opportunity to steal more of your personal liberties.

The pandemic proved to be one of those “black swan events” that caught unprepared business owners by surprise. Hundreds of thousands of U.S. small businesses have been closed permanently, with more to come.

During 2020 and 2021, unusual and frightening stuff started reaching a fever pitch that hasn’t happened since the late 1960s into the 1970s. 

Back then the Civil Rights movement and Vietnam War led to violence and terror in the streets and inside government buildings (e.g. Weather Underground bombings).

History is peppered with “black swan” events like these. But these rare but significant life-changing events seem to be happening more frequently.

Case in point:

Since March 2020 the U.S. has experienced: scores of violent riots that have destroyed small businesses; a new form of segregation based on vaccination status; and widespread censorship of anything that doesn’t conform to the state-sanctioned “official” narrative.

What’s more, the Federal Reserve is currently sweeping the real story about inflation in the U.S. under the rug. Weimar-style hyperinflation could put thousands more small businesses out of business as consumer prices skyrocket and the U.S. dollar becomes almost worthless.

Put simply, the chance of getting caught between a rock and a hard place (due to rapidly changing rules and regulations) is higher today than it’s ever been.

Considering what’s happened over the last 18 months — and considering the near future is likely to bring even more of these “black swans” at an even faster pace… 

If that happens: Could you adapt? If you’re already a digital nomad, are you ready? Could you easily start and operate another small business on the fly, from anywhere in the world? 

Over the next decade, it will be critical that you can answer “Yes” to each of those questions. Your freedom as a digital nomad hangs in the balance.

Towards that end, I’ve created several resources that can help you adapt as a digital nomad, and make your life a whole lot easier. 

That’s because filling out paperwork, filing forms, and staying in compliance with tax authorities can be tedious and comes with a certain degree of financial risk.

Add yet another “black swan” event to a filing mistake and your life as a digital nomad can quickly become a living hell. The good news is there’s now an easier way… 

Start Your Journey as a Disciplined Digital Nomad Here

Every state has its own rules. And if you want to set up a business in a state you don’t live in, there are even more rules and requirements to comply with.

If you want to travel the U.S., or anywhere else in the world, then you want access to fast business registration and related services that can “travel with you.”

Especially when a black swan event hits and you need to move FAST.

I thought long and hard about this over the last year and finally decided to do something about it. That’s why I created Business Anywhere — a turn-key service for setting up a new business (the right way), staying in compliance, and more.

How it works: You fill out a simple form. Then we take care of all the unique requirements of the state you’ve registered your business in.

Which means you can have a “nomad-friendly” business registered in just a few minutes. Then you can start enjoying location independence, gain tax advantages, and a whole lot more without the headaches.

When you take advantage of Business Anywhere, in addition to lightning-fast business registration, you’ll also gain access to:

  • The services of a registered agent who will handle administrative details and make sure your business stays in compliance. You can then focus on growing your business without worrying about missing a filing deadline.
  • A physical address for your mail that you can access from anywhere in the world. With our state-of-the-art Virtual Mailbox, we’ll scan your physical mail and upload it to your personalized dashboard. (No junk mail).
  • When you need a notary for legal documents, our “pay as you go” remote online notary works from anywhere in the world, by:
  1. Connecting you with a notary online. 
  2. Allowing you to simply upload your documents. 
  3. Then get them notarized from any device, any place, at any time.

Business Anywhere will help you properly structure a digital nomad business in minutes, and give you access to the services you need to begin living a life of freedom.

Check out Business Anywhere today (registration is free)

Living privately,

Bobby Casey

Location Independent Entrepreneur

P.S. Whether you need to adapt fast, or you need to move fast, Business Anywhere has you covered… 

You can use the turn-key resources I’ve created to get started fast… 

Check out “Business Anywhere” now

(“Done for you” business creation, registered agent,

virtual mailbox & notary services.)

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