Expatriation: If You Don’t Like It, Leave!

February 19, 2013

By: Kelly Diamond, Editor

When we are told to “leave” because of our views toward government, is that a cruel suggestion or sage advice?

I say, rather than leave, let me opt out!

Expatriation Leave Opt OutAs my frustrations with the current trajectory of the U.S. economy and overall policies mount, I was instructed, once again, to “leave” if I don’t like the government.  There are so many implications tangled into such a suggestion, I think it’s worth breaking it down.  It’s evidently tolerable that I would disagree with my government… but to contend that it is unnecessary warrants that I should somehow be eliminated.

I was called “treasonous” for regarding the Constitution as irrelevant and worthless.  My reasoning for this is simple: it has done nothing to prevent the tyranny we have now, which means it makes allowances for it.  Even if I concede the noble intent of its authors (which I do not), it failed to deliver the goods.  But treason, in the U.S. is a capital crime.  So, for simply speaking ill of the Constitution, I deserve death.  This is indeed one way to make me “leave”.

Remember when Susan Sarandon and Johnny Depp threatened to leave if their presidential candidate didn’t get into office?  They never did. Imagine what that entails: their wealth leaving the country, never to return to pay into the largess to presumably give their “fair share” to the needy.  Incidentally, there are plenty who redefined where their “residence” is, simply to avoid the taxes associated with it.  The Beetles came to the U.S. for our lower tax rate.  Oprah only resides in California a certain number of days so as to avoid the taxes of a full resident.  Tina Turner recently expatriated to Switzerland, albeit she denies American taxes as the reason for doing so.

So, those who tell us unappreciative dim-wits to leave, are essentially saying: “We don’t need the fruits of YOUR labor to support this ever-growing co-dependent population or our blood-lust for war.”  Ok.  But if you don’t need my wealth or participation, to the point that you could afford to entreat me to leave, then why not just let me opt out?  Why this need to physically remove me in some way?  How does it bother anyone that I stay at my current location, but opt not to use government services?

Those who think individuals ought to have a “right to work” (or opt-out clause) in their place of employment – where they would be absolved from paying union dues and disassociated from union activities – interestingly enough do NOT think individuals should have that same choice in their place of residence!  What is even more mind-boggling is how the very rationale employed by union fanatics as to why people should NOT be allowed to opt out of the union, is identical to the one provided by those who think we should NOT be allowed to opt out of government: because we never can fully opt out.  For example, while unions negotiate benefits packages and salary increases, governments provide a military and an interstate highway system.  How do you opt out of such things?  You really can’t.  The unions will not negotiate on behalf of a select few, lest their pay-to-play scheme become totally exposed and their “we represent the proletariat” rhetoric fly out the window.  And I think we all know there is a better chance of me infiltrating Fort Knox than there is of the government letting go of its monopolies over brute force and travel.

You’ll notice I used the word “allow”.  As if it weren’t degrading enough that I would have to ask permission to not participate, the sorry bit is my liberty pass is repeatedly denied!  But therein lies the problem: the thugs won’t let go.  It’s not that I’m unwilling to go, it’s that they won’t let go.  It makes no difference that I am in the fiction called “New Hampshire” or in the fiction known as “Mexico”.  My location is not, and has never been, the issue.  Now, I certainly see no problem with folks who find a way to globalize themselves or their assets to maximize their freedom.  In fact, it’s a wise act of self-defense!  But why are such measures even necessary?  Why should I be a refugee from my own land or property?  I presumably live in a first world country… and yet I’m being told to “flee”.  Not only am I being told to flee by the statists — who see no place for my ingratitude toward my benevolent masters in high office — but I’m likewise being pulled by liberty-loving individuals to emigrate away from the “land of the free” rhetoric and into the “land of the free” lifestyle elsewhere!

Prime example is Jeff Berwick’s latest endeavors to recreate “Galt’s Gulch” in Chile.  Chile certainly doesn’t taut any of the liberty oriented taglines the U.S. does.  In fact, you don’t hear much from them at all unless it concerns soccer.  As it turns out, while countries like Chile may not have a framework built on warm and fuzzy premises of liberty and freedom, their government also doesn’t have the means or the inclination to give a $h!t either.  So maybe you do slip some guy in a costume a couple bucks… but that guy actually leaves you alone!  Cops extort us here in the US, but they do everything BUT leave you alone!  If you’re going to pay a man with a badge no matter what, better that the money go toward them leaving you alone, than into a bottomless pit of perpetual harassment.

I have personal reasons why I won’t leave this geography known as the United States.  It has nothing to do with the politics, and I certainly feel no loyalty to this government that so eagerly seeks to subjugate me.  But personal reasons aside, it is tempting to look at the world as one, big, open geography, and live borderlessly.  It is worth considering moving my assets around, hiding them in small precious metals, burying them in accounts and off shore businesses… It is worth looking at innocuous third world countries where my dollar still holds some sway and living high on the hog for practically nothing.  There is something to be said for taking the advice of these whiny nationalistic indentured servants.  While on the one hand I ask, “Why should I leave, when I’m not the one stealing, murdering and violating people’s rights?”  On the other hand, self-preservation and wealth protection is nothing to scoff at!

Ironically, while the suggestion for liberty-minded individuals to “leave” was meant to be a jibe or even a sentence of some sort, the only ones punished by us calling their bluff is the statist who is left with a bunch of panhandling patriots!

11 thoughts on “Expatriation: If You Don’t Like It, Leave!”

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  2. KD, great article. I hope you don’t mind that we share it with others.
    Would you be willing to follow up this article with further education into the
    Ex-Patriation ability and definitions that are being used to harness the chattel
    to the Empirical Sleigh?

    For instance, from this article, you used the term “resident or residence”. I am wondering how you
    are meaning to use it; as it is defined, or as it is portrayed when put in front of us to mark a box? I would then encourage you to help walk us through a few other common unknown definitions (from Black’s Law or Bouvier’s Law – period specific). It does appear that the 4 Organic Laws have been mixed and mingled over the years and definitions contorted to mean whatever the elitists and lawyers wish them to mean in order to maximize their control. However, that doesn’t mean that the definitions are true and cannot be successfully argued against.

    Keep up being You and help us disrobe the puppeteers of their White Collar Slavery Scheme.

    1. Thank you, and by all means, PLEASE DO SHARE! :)

      Sure, I could do something like that… you mean delve a bit more into the expatriation machinations?

      Here in the US, every level of government zoning defines “residency”. For example, in order to be a resident of a certain school zone, you have to sleep three nights per week there. Likewise, the owners of a given property have to have INTENT to reside somewhere. So if you have a job that takes you away for X amount of time, but you intend to return to your stated address, then that is your residence. Some laws go deeper into it and distinguish between a “dwelling” and a “residence”. Mainly it boils down to amount of time spent in a given location. And the main point being, so long as any government has their “terms” defined for residency, there will be means by which to circumvent them and dodge the penalties or garner the benefits of being a “resident”. But while Blacks Law has it’s definitions, they are very much subject to the interpretations and applications of any given government and municipality.

      What it seems to be coming to is a sort of association but detachment balance. It sounds odd, but think about it: if I have a property in Chile, but I also have one in Switzerland, and another in the United States, I can have those “dwellings”… but never be a “resident”. Associated, but not attached. Feel me? That is what I see happening with wealth protection: LLCs are a form of corporate personhood. A fabricated entity is created so that only a certain amount of assets are held in it. While your name is associated with that LLC, you are detached in that your liabilities are limited to what assets are held under that identity.

      Are there other terms you would like me to further elaborate upon?

  3. very nice KD; I never thought of the Union comparison but it is excellent. when you are ready to live expat, allow me to suggest you start small, travel around places. amazing what’s out there!

    1. Thank you so much for reading and for the kind words! I’ve done a lot of traveling, and I will say there are some spots on this globe where one could very comfortably disappear! Tempted!!! kd

  4. …never care what others think of you…..as Your record will show…You took the Blows and Did it YOUR WAY…..Freedom First and Always……

    1. You can’t be in the liberty movement and care about what other’s think. That’s a recipe for disaster! lol Thank for reading! kd

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