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Travel the World (Forever) and Never Feel Broke Again…

January 28, 2017

James Altucher & Bobby Casey Interview

james altucher interviewEntrepreneur, investor, and author of the book “Choose Yourself“, James Altucher interviews Bobby Casey to discuss expatriation.  It’s a hot topic in the wake of a very heated election season, and while some people like to talk about, Bobby IS about it… and he did so long before the Hillary-Trump upset.

Bobby walks us through what finally got him to pull the lever and just go.  It wasn’t political.  It was personal and economic.  This is how Bobby went from domestic entrepreneur to digital nomad, and why.

This was a life changing experience from which he will never look back.  Learn how you can expatriate, travel the world, and still be financially secure!

Click below to start listening and be sure to visit for more insights from James!

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  1. This was a great podcast. My wife and I started living abroad last year with our four children and are hooked. I related a lot to many of the experiences Bobby discussed. We wanted to stop living by the commonly accepted paradigm that most people unquestionable follow through life. Grind for 40 years, retire, then try to enjoy what’s left of life then. It’s been a crazy rollercoaster, but we’re loving the experience for our children. Thanks for sharing such a great story.

  2. James M Stevko says

    Very interesting!
    May I ask how you worked out getting dual citizenship for the kids? It sounded like the wife’s ancestry wasn’t the most recent.

  3. Annie Stewart says

    I really enjoyed this interview. It provided great insight for those of us who are just beginning to explore living abroad.

  4. Stream of thought:
    Although an interesting conversation and a nice guy, what exactly did that teach anyone to Travel the World (Forever) and Never Feel Broke Again…? Lots of general information which is what marketers live and thrive on to obtain paying customers. Nothing new there. What good is an income tax exclusion if you have no income? Does he really believe someone is going to fly him back home under a $40 a year catastrophic health care plan? Did you ever hear, you get what you pay for? That’s a universal truth no matter the culture. They might put him on the back of a mule and send it on its way but that’s about it. Medellin isn’t NYC although it’s an enjoyable place to visit and live on a temporary basis. This guy had money to begin with, most don’t. 330 days outside of the US for foreign income exclusion. yet he said he went home every month at least a week a month x 12 = 84 days 84 + 330 = 414 day year. hmmm. and he goes to nyc every couple of months. 500 day year? sounds like he uses a foreign passport to go back to the USA to fly under the IRS radar to receive the foreign income tax exclusion. that’s illegal, you know.

    The bottom line is if you have marketable skills, self confidence, money, good health, i.e. no fear then you have a better chance of making it traveling abroad.

    You asked a lot of good questions, however. I’m not trying to beat any one up over the interview but this was mostly an expose of one person’s life living abroad.

    30 year retired diplomat

    • You clearly don’t understand the FEIE. You can stay in the US up to an average of 120 days per year if you are a bonafide resident of another country.

      As for income tax exclusion, you are correct, it is no good if you don’t have an income. Would you also like for me to teach you how to earn a living?

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