IRS Resorts to Grabbing Bank Records and AI Spying

The IRS employs AI spying tactics to investigate individuals who are even tangentially connected to anyone who might be in some tax trouble.

IRS I’ve always known that the U.S. “alphabet agencies” like the FBI, CIA, NSA, and IRS were corrupt and untrustworthy.

Unfortunately, a SCOTUS ruling and technological advancement in the artificial intelligence space, the IRS has the potential to become increasingly militant. Especially once you factor in the 87,000 new “troops” that could get hired over the next 10 years.

Here’s what happened…

After a legal battle in the lower courts, a case was brought to the attention of the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) regarding the ability for the IRS to summon private financial records of a delinquent taxpayer from any third party.

And, believe it or not, the Supreme Court justices said, “Go right ahead!”

According to The Epoch Times, which issued a report on the ruling, there is also a “loophole” in the ruling that could be leveraged against ANY taxpayer:

One lawyer who briefed the Supreme Court said the new ruling gives the IRS “startlingly broad authority to pry into the financial records of people who may be only remotely connected to a delinquent taxpayer.

Here’s what this means: Your own private financial records aren’t safe.

Do you have a distant relative, friend, or even a business associate who might have gotten into tax trouble with the IRS, whether you knew it or not? 

Then your financial records could legally be “summoned” by the IRS as part of any investigation by the agency.

All thanks to the highest court in the land that is supposed to be upholding your 4th Amendment rights to privacy, but didn’t.

Not only that, but if you think this new power to summon financial records from third parties won’t be abused – then I have oceanfront property in Arizona to sell you.

If this new legal power granted by SCOTUS to the IRS wasn’t bad enough, it gets worse…

Cobwebs’ Artificial Intelligence Makes IRS Spying Even Creepier  

In addition to gaining billions of dollars from the Biden Administration to update equipment, hire 87,000 goons, and the SCOTUS court ruling above…

The IRS is deploying modern technology from a company called Cobwebs to expand its dragnet to unprecedented levels.

The critical parts of the new “toy” that the agency gets to play with were summarized in a recent VICE exposé. Pay close attention to the bolded text…

Cobwebs’ main product is called Tangles, which lets users search content across social networks, the open web, and the dark web. It can include an artificial intelligence module that adds features such as facial and image recognition, according to Cobwebs’ website. Tangles is designed to work even if a social media site changes its API rules, the site suggests. […] It then also offers two extras to only government customers, called Trapdoor and Lynx, the website adds.

The IRS documents show the deal included the “LYNX add-on for every named user.” Lynx provides a global network of proxies that investigators can use to remain anonymous, according to Cobwebs’ site. “With Lynx, analysts can join darknet forums, hacker communities and other platforms without their cover being blown. […]

Cobwebs also has a financial investigations platform that it says on its website can “identify frauds/money mule threats,” and “gauge reputation risk and conduct due diligence powered by AI.”

There is so much wrong with this it’s hard to describe. 

Facial and image recognition by an artificial intelligence? What could go wrong? (Aside from innocent people being scooped up in the IRS dragnet.)

Two more programs offered only to government agencies? Nothing suspicious there, except for the potential that the IRS might decide to conduct investigations anonymously, without a warrant.

An IRS artificial intelligence that gauges risk and “conducts due diligence”? Like the AI would never mistakenly assess “risk” incorrectly, or do its “diligence” on the wrong person (like an innocent taxpayer).

This stuff creeps me out, and I’m already prepared for it.

Which brings me to the solution you can leverage to get out of this mess before it’s too late to escape…

One Exit Strategy That Escapes the IRS Panopticon 

Living the life of a digital nomad is, hands down, the absolute most fulfilling and free lifestyle there is. 

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But even though my clientele are diverse, they’re all facing similar challenges. 

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Bobby Casey

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P.S. The IRS is gaining unprecedented levels of power and utilizing tools that could make living in the U.S. as a taxpayer challenging in the near future…

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