IRS & State Department To Begin “Cooperating”

July 17, 2013

By: Brian Mahany, Contributing Writer

With the passing of FATCA, it’s imperative to get in compliance with your taxes, lest your passport application or renewal get held up!

The right hand is starting to talk to the left, and there will be serious implications for not just passport applications, but even citizenship renouncements.

IRS and State Dept. To Begin “Cooperating”There are millions of Americans living overseas but only a fraction file U.S. tax returns and even fewer file Reports of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (“FBARs” for short). Back in the 1970’s, Congress passed the Bank Secrecy Act, which requires U.S. taxpayers with aggregate offshore financial assets in excess of $10,000 to report those assets annually. Until 2008, the law was largely unenforced. (Anyone who subscribes to Global Wealth Protection knows that is no longer the case.) Several big changes are coming which puts all those not in compliance at tremendous risk.

The newest and biggest risk to financial privacy is FATCA. Beginning next year, the Obama Administration’s new FATCA law – the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act – requires “foreign financial institutions” to review their accounts and report those with ties to the United States. Foreign banks, hedge funds, some precious metal companies and even some life insurance companies are all subject to the new law. Under the threat of huge financial penalties, Uncle Sam is making foreign bankers become the eyes and ears of the IRS.

FATCA isn’t the only risk, however. Back in 1986 Congress authorized the IRS and State Department to share information. Although the provision laid dormant for years, the IRS says it is readying new regulations; regulations that will require the State Department to disclose to the IRS the social security number and foreign residency information of those persons renewing passports.

The law, codified at 26 U.S.C. section 6039E, applies to both new passports and renewals. More ominously, it sets the stage for even more disclosures. As passed by Congress, the law allows the IRS to require the State Department to require applicants to provide “such other information as the Secretary [IRS] may prescribe.”

You can refuse to supply your SSN to the State Department but that sets you up for a $500 fine and more importantly, an IRS audit or investigation. Refusing to provide a social security number won’t get you far and will only raise giant red flags.

We are contacted daily by taxpayers who simply didn’t know of their FBAR reporting requirement. Some folks just received bad accounting advice. Still others have been sitting on the fence wondering if they will get caught. In this age of big data, the odds are not in their favor.

So what should folks do? While there is much talk of renouncing citizenship, few have done so (although the numbers are trending up dramatically). More importantly, the United States won’t allow you to renounce citizenship if you are currently delinquent in your taxes.

Our recommendation? Get into compliance now.

The IRS is offering an amnesty program (Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program), although it carries a huge price tag – a one time 27.5% penalty for most participants. Not a great deal unless your previous noncompliance was willful, in which case it is a wonderful deal. For most participants, amnesty comes with a get-out-of-jail free card and no audit.

If you are like most Americans and simply didn’t know or understand the foreign reporting rules, there are much better alternatives. Sometimes all penalties can be waived.

Not sure what to do? Contact a good tax lawyer. CPA’s are great if you are already in compliance and simply need some assistance with current year taxes or tax planning. There is no accountant – client privilege, however, and failure to file FBARs is a crime.

The expected exchange of information between the IRS and State Department could be a real problem for many Americans. The government has become quite adept at finding people with unreported income and offshore accounts. The solution isn’t repatriating your money and taking a step backwards; instead get into compliance while you can and while you have options.

About the author. Brian Mahany is a tax lawyer specializing in foreign tax reporting. His services are confidential and protected by the attorney client privilege. Brian can be reached by email at [email protected] or by telephone at (414) 704-6731.

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  1. as the NAZI state expands and increases its hold on all aspects of life…we must ABOLISH the IRS and THE STATE dept.. and THE FED….as starter…..If only we had an honest and moral CONgress, we may have had a chance to get this country back to a peaceful and prosperous and lawful one…NO chance now, no matter who we elect…they system has been corrupted beyond repair……the SS rule…..soon it will matter what you do….imho

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