Is This the End of the “American Experiment”?

If the American Experiment, built on free markets and enterprise, is buckling under the weight of heavy debts, what is your escape plan?

american experiment 2 The Roman Empire lasted approximately five centuries before finally collapsing in 476 AD, following a century of slow civilizational decline.

Fast forward to the modern age, and the American experiment that started on July 4, 1776 might be entering a similar phase of slow decline after almost 250 years.

In fact, Michael Prowse asked the question “Is America in Decline?” in the Harvard Business Review just 31 years ago. He started that piece with the following:

Strange as it may seem, a nation once celebrated for its irrepressible optimism now appears to be obsessed by decline. America’s list of complaints seems endless: Real wages are falling. Productivity growth is down. Companies aren’t competitive in global markets. White-collar jobs are no longer secure. The nation’s infrastructure is collapsing. The federal deficit is soaring. The health system is deteriorating. The cities are unsafe. The schools are failing. The gap between rich and poor is widening.

Prowse’s observations are perhaps more relevant today than when he first wrote them. Now, three decades later, it appears that the citizens are getting a bit restless and perhaps even tired of the “same old, same old” American economic and political problems.

And it’s about to get worse…

The Next 30 Years Could Be a Bumpy Ride!

From failed COVID policies that robbed Americans of their liberties, to globalist WEF cronies like Klaus Schwab who want to impose their will on the U.S., along with every POTUS from Clinton to now…

It’s pretty easy to make the case that the U.S. isn’t the country you might have learned about in school. But is America really in decline right now?

The public consensus appears to be a resounding “YES!” especially once you consider the following, sourced from a Pew Research poll (graphic on the right).American Experiment

  • 87% of respondents are “fairly” or “very” worried that political leaders cannot solve any of the country’s biggest problems over the next three decades.
  • Almost two-thirds think the political polarization that made itself known during COVID will get worse over the next 30 years.
  • Almost three-fourths of people who responded think the poor will essentially get left behind.

The poll also revealed another rather gloomy outlook: “Majorities predict that the economy will be weaker, health care will be less affordable, the condition of the environment will be worse and older Americans will have a harder time making ends meet than they do now.”

Keep in mind, none of the “doom and gloom” I’ve highlighted here means the U.S. will collapse overnight. So don’t go prepping that cabin in the woods just yet.

In fact, many people like Jed Etsy see the decline of the United States as a slowly unfolding process…

It is inevitable that the U.S. economy will be eclipsed by China and other nations, he says. “But, most importantly, it’s not a cliff dive for American security, American prosperity, American life, if we become the number-two or number-three-sized economy in the world. The process will continue to be slow, and, in fact, it might be very good,” he says. “The U.S. can move forward while its power wanes.”

I’m pretty sure you don’t want to limit your lifestyle to living in a country where leaders are only striving to “move forward” while the quality of life of its citizens continues to wane.

So now it’s time for some good news.

It’s a perfect time to form an exit plan – so you can leave if and when you want to. That means getting expert advice based on your situation so your exit (should you need it) can go as smoothly as possible and ultimately enhance the quality of your life.

In short, if you so desire…

Your Digital Nomad Lifestyle Can Start Now

Being a digital nomad means living a life truly free from worry, with as minimal expenses as possible. Somewhere where you can grow your wealth, away from societal decline. It could be Mexico, somewhere in eastern Europe, or another “hidden paradise.”

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