One Tiny Gap Lets this Thief Into Your Bank Account

Banks are no longer the safest place to store your money or wealth, as they have fallen victim to not only corruption, but cyber attacks.

cyber attack bank At least 90% of all financial institutions have been targeted by a most sinister type of crime, repeatedly.

U.S. financial services firms (like your bank) fall victim to this type of crime 300 times more often than other businesses.

Banks (like yours) lost $16.8 billion to them in 2017.

So imagine if you woke up to discover your bank account emptied or your most sensitive information stolen, all because your bank fell victim to a cyber attack.

According to Forbes: “The risk of cyber attack on financial services firms cannot be overstated.” The typical American bank is attacked 1 billion times per year on average. The same article also points out:

The rate of breaches, or theft of sensitive data, in the financial services industry has tripled over the past five years.

Not good news if you like the idea of keeping both your money and private data safe.

Cyber-criminals are so pervasive and aggressive, they have the attention of the entire U.S. Government…

  • The Treasury views them as a “top threat.”
  • S. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said cyber attacks are currently the biggest risk for financial institutions.
  • 23 out of 94 cases of U.S. financial cyber attacks are believed to be state-sponsored since 2007, coming from countries like Russia, China and Iran.

That’s unsettling of course, but the scariest part is how often savvy cyber-criminals find weak spots in a financial institution’s security.

All It Takes is One Tiny “Gap” for Them to Wreak Havoc…

According to Risk Screen: “A single weak spot is all savvy hackers need.”

In 2019, hackers have found the “weak spot” quite often: “there have been 3,494 successful cyber attacks against financial institutions, according to reports filed with the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.”

It only takes one of those attacks to cause a major stir, as banking giant Capital One fell victim to a cyber attack that exploited one of these “tiny gaps.”

Paige Thompson, a software engineer in Seattle who used to work for Amazon, wreaked havoc on 100 million people when she exploited a weak spot:

Once inside, she was able to download an array of personal material from customers, including credit card applications and Social Security numbers, according to court documents.

So, if your information was part of this massive hack, it would have been exposed … and all Capital One could say would be, “We’re sorry for the inconvenience.”

But at that point, it would already be too late. The hacker would have the information required to gain access to your other bank accounts, or even open loans under your name.

Thankfully, in this case the individual was arrested and the information was deleted before too much damage was done.

But one day your bank could very well get hacked, so it’s best to avoid keeping all of your money in one place.

How to Keep Your Options and Exits Open

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