Private Chats STILL Aren’t Safe. Here’s Why…

Government is using a network of private citizens to spy on others to report the wrongthinkers, this time in private chats.

chats Remember the movie Minority Report? It imagines a future in which a pre-crime division arrests people for crimes they’ve thought about committing – but haven’t actually committed yet.

While the idea seems crazy, we’re actually much closer to this than we’ve ever been before. But before the Uniparty is able to convict citizens of crimes before they commit them, there’s still one critical step they must take…

The Uniparty would need the ability to eavesdrop on all your private conversations. This is already happening to some degree with listening devices like Alexa and Siri. But the government’s quest for private data continues.

So what are they doing now? Instead of sending NSA agents or the FBI to spy on you, the federal government is partnering with volunteers, companies, and think tanks by…

Leveraging a Strategy Called “Civic Listening”

Here’s how Mike Benz described this nefarious snooping in an issue of his newsletter:

“Civic Listening” is the mass-recruitment of volunteers to snoop on private chat groups for disfavored information.

Reminds me of the TSA’s slogan “If you see something, say something.” Except there’s no “if” involved here. These volunteers are actively hunting for politically incorrect speech they can report back to the authorities!

All of which raises two important questions:

  1. Who is sponsoring (and guiding) these volunteers?
  2. How dangerous is a culture that encourages “civic listening”?

Let’s take a quick glance at both of those questions…

Uniparty-Sponsored “Snitch Networks” Are Spying on You?

According to the Foundation for Freedom Online, a company called Meedan is working hand-in-hand with the U.S. Government to provide “fact-checking” tools.

But not the useful kind.

These tools are being used to compile a database of “wrongthink.” Here’s what the FFO reported about one of Meedan’s main weapons:

Meedan’s flagship product is Check, a tool that allows users on private messaging platforms (WhatsApp, Messenger, and Telegram are specifically named) to report “misinformation” in private chats through a tipline. Check’s AI-powered bot can then be used to automatically generate a “fact check” that can be shared in closed discussion groups. Any rogue claim reported to the tipline can be permanently stored and grouped with similar claims to build up a database of banned ideas.

Assembling a database like this is bad enough, especially since the “alphabet agencies” could combine these claims with other information to form a dossier on any American citizen, without their knowledge.

And remember the volunteers I mentioned above? They’re called the Civic Listening Corps, and they’re actually funded and run by a U.S. Government think tank!

Introducing the Algorithmic Transparency Institute (ATI for short), which is run by a, shall we say, very interesting individual:

CEO Cameron Hickey, who is also director of ATI. Hickey formerly led the Information Disorder Lab at Harvard’s Shorenstein Center, a major hub of “disinformation” research at Harvard. Under Hickey, the ATI has embraced the term “Civic Listening” to whitewash the practice of spying on private conversations in closed messaging platforms.

ATI’s sub-branch dedicated to this mission, the “Civic Listening Corps,” openly states its purpose: to train volunteers to report disfavored speech back to the censorship industry and/or content moderation departments at tech companies.

So, based on this, it’s obvious that Mr. Hickey wants to control what you’re allowed to think about. And he thinks that monitoring the information you’re sharing during your private chats is one way to do that.

From Allum Bokhari, who quoted Cameron Hickey getting rather excited about the possibility of “clicking away” any misinformation you might be sharing:

“Next time you’re scrolling through TikTok or scrolling through Instagram or browsing a private group on WhatsApp and you see something that you think is problematic, you can click the share button or the forward button and send it to this tipline.”

So this government-funded think tank is building a little network of “tattle-tales” who are being given the power to snoop and report anything they find “problematic.”

Let that sink in for a moment. And consider that Hickey is not an anomaly. There are many people just like him in the U.S. Government, corporate C-suites, and similar think tanks.

These elites have already appointed themselves as arbiters of what you can think, see, and hear (especially online). That’s wrong, even if someone is sharing something that might be considered “problematic.”

But the Uniparty’s “civic listeners” won’t care if it’s wrong, because in their warped minds, what they’re doing is a good thing to “stop misinformation.”

You know who else thought civic listening was a good idea? The Russian Stasi. According to the NY Times from 1997:

“The Stasi pursued its goals with fanatical thoroughness and exactness, probably unmatched even by the Soviet K.G.B. By 1988, it employed 170,000 informers, in addition to its nearly 100,000 full-time ministry workers — that is, ”about one of every 50 adult East Germans,” Garton Ash notes, ”had a direct connection with the secret police.”

The power-hungry Stasi operation resulted in the imprisonment and execution of thousands of innocent civilians in Communist Russia. The U.S. is now headed in that same direction. Let’s hope the Uniparty and its think-tank cronies don’t decide to walk down that dark path.

Of course, you may not want to wait to find out because by that time it might be too late. With that in mind…

It’s Time to Plan Your Exit Away from Government Snoops and Think-Tank Busybodies

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