Twitter Arrests Are Here

Has modern law enforcement gone a bit overboard with the recent Twitter arrest? by Paul Rosenberg, Cryptohippie We’ve been warning for a long time that Twitter was fully monitored by the local branches of Big Brother, Inc., but most folks didn’t pay attention. Now, stories are starting to come out. On July 30th, a man […]

Sidestepping Control to Achieve Personal Freedom

by Adam Wolf, Director of US Operations – Global Wealth Protection LLC Achieving personal freedom is just one small but vital step to achieving independent wealth However it is that you define freedom, there’s one, tiny little obstacle standing in your way: there are people in the world who do not want you to truly […]

What is your Escape Hatch?

Do You Have a Realistic Asset Protection Plan? Two weeks ago to the day I received a call from a friend of mine in the US.  Dave runs a motorcycle performance shop in North Carolina and called me to chat about business.  In the conversation he mentioned that he would be in Milan, Italy the […]