Is Residency in Panama Right for You?

September 10, 2015 by Bobby Casey When considering the various options for internationalizing your life, the question of “where” is always at the top of that list. However, “where” can have many variations in meaning, depending on your personal situation. For example; Where should I live? Where should I establish foreign residency? Where should I […]

Offshore Strategy: Step One

June 9, 2015 by Bobby Casey Nearly every day of the week I get a call or email from readers asking me, “I am just starting out with internationalizing my life – what do you think I should do first?” I cannot answer this question in broad strokes as everyone’ situation is different. We consider […]

Hotels are Big Business in Panama: Now You May be able to Participate

by Brian Koslow, Panama Unicorn With the hospitality sector of Panama‘s economy expanding from the steady increase in business tourism, medical tourism, shopping tourism, cruise ship tourism and about to get another big boost from the new convention center, it may be a good time to see how you can get involved.  Notably, Panama‘s hotels have been steadily raising […]

Are you the Oblivious, the Informed Sloth, or the Thinking Action-Taker?

Happy Friday the 13th, There are 3 types of people living in the world today:  The Oblivious.  This person lives in a rut.  He works 8-5, watches American Idol at night, drinks beer watching Sportscenter on the weekends, and repeats week after week.  The Informed Sloth.  This person watches the news.  He is educated.  He […]