Even Hair Stylists Need Asset Protection

by Adam Wolf, Director of US Operations – Global Wealth Protection LLC Using a Wyoming LLC for Asset Protection We are certainly living in interesting times. Never before has it been more important to establish an asset protection strategy, and never before has it been easier to do so from the comfort of your living […]

American Asset Protection…Really?

You are probably reading the title thinking I have lost my mind. Your thoughts are probably something like this; “He promotes offshore asset protection as a necessity in these tumultuous times. How can he rationally recommend asset protection structures in the US?” While it is true, I do think offshore companies, offshore banking, offshore trusts […]

What is Asset Protection?

This week I felt it would be important to address the topic, “What is Asset Protection?”  While you clearly have some idea what is involved in asset protection planning, I frequently get this question or some derivation thereof. The quick and simple answer is that asset protection is a means of protecting your assets from […]