Why YOU Are Now Under Surveillance (Without a Warrant)

Another temporary government program becomes permanent, as the surveillance state persists, complete with warrantless searches.

surveillance When it comes to the U.S. government’s intrusion into the private lives of its citizens, useful idiots will often defend the government by saying, “Well, if you’ve got nothing to hide, then you’ve got nothing to worry about.”

This superficial statement fails to distinguish between privacy and secrecy. The natural human right to have a private life, free from Government intrusion or public examination, is much different from maintaining “secrecy” to cover up crimes or wrongdoings.

Nevertheless, the Uniparty uses the minor problem of “secrecy” to justify its widespread privacy violations. Of course, these actions are always done in the name of “national security” so it can keep operating its war machine in the dark, mostly on the taxpayer’s dime.

Included under the inalienable right to privacy is the expectation to be left alone unless probable cause can be established (which is strictly defined, and often loosely interpreted by snoops).

But, unfortunately, requiring a warrant no longer seems to be necessary, thanks to Republican Speaker of the House Mike Johnson. Here’s what I mean, starting with a quote taken from a Federalist article back on April 12th…

The House passed the bill 273-147 to re-authorize the government’s use of FISA for the next two years, with 126 Republicans and 147 Democrats voting in favor. The bill must clear the Senate before it hits President Joe Biden’s desk for signature.

As my colleague Brianna Lyman previously explained, “Section 702 has allowed the government to carry out warrantless surveillance of American citizens in violation of the Fourth Amendment and will expire on April 19 without further action from Congress.”

The reauthorization of the FISA bill isn’t that surprising, because it has happened several times since 2002. But what was alarming is the disdain that the Uniparty clearly demonstrated towards the American people about a week later.

That’s when Congress squashed a common-sense amendment to FISA 702 that would have required a warrant be obtained before surveilling any American, AND would have made it illegal for Government agencies to buy someone’s private data from data brokers:

House Speaker Mike Johnson and other Republicans joined enough Democrats to defeat 212-212 a bill amendment requiring the federal government to obtain a warrant before spying on Americans before they’re even accused of a crime.

Here’s the reason why buying data from data brokers is so important to strengthening the Uniparty’s surveillance panopticon, as taken from another Federalist piece:

Stalin would have wished he had something like FISA. Not because of the lack of warrants — the KGB definitely didn’t care about that — but because of something just as, if not more, sinister: the government’s practice of buying American citizens’ data from data brokers.

Data brokers collect an obscene amount of data on everyone who uses the internet. The types of places we’re searching on Google Maps? Collected and sold. The type of content we read the most often? Collected and sold. The ads we don’t skip over? Collected and sold. Even key words we say in conversations that our phone mics pick up — collected and sold. Worse, we willingly give this information away every time we hit “accept all” on terms and conditions — terms and conditions we must accept to use pretty much any part of the internet.

Put simply, the Uniparty buys this data so its agencies (NSA, FBI, and the CIA, all illegally) can assemble a “dossier” on you. All without your consent, without your knowledge, and from this point forward, all without a warrant.

And, as I wrote in a previous post, “Where there is mass surveillance, there are presumptive lists.” Most people know about the TSA’s “No Fly” list. How many other lists exist that we don’t know about?

To be clear: All of that happens right now in the United States, even though warrantless surveillance was deemed unconstitutional. But now, thanks to the House of Representatives, surveillance of any American citizen is permitted without a warrant.

You and I know this is a bad thing that gives more power to the government. Yet mainstream apologists are trying to spin this loss of privacy as if “it’s a good thing.” Case in point:

“Government Surveillance Keeps Us Safe”

Have you ever seen a more ridiculous headline? At first, I thought it might be satire… something you’d see on the Babylon Bee. But, no, this is a real op-ed that the New York Times actually published.

The idea that government surveillance keeps us safe is laughable. It’s contradicted by rising crime in many U.S. cities, especially those like San Francisco, New York City, and border towns being overrun by illegal immigrants.

Anonymous poster “Lily Bit” from Substack summed it up nicely:

Senator Chuck Schumer, a self-proclaimed “champion of the people,” had the audacity to claim that this decision was made “for our country’s safety.” But let us not be fooled by the rhetoric of fear-mongering politicians who use the specter of terrorism, drug trafficking, and extremism to justify the erosion of our constitutional rights. The reality is that the FISA program has consistently failed to demonstrate its effectiveness in preventing such threats, while simultaneously opening the door to widespread abuse and the targeting of innocent individuals.

Trading away your freedom to gain security is never a good idea. You’ll end up with neither. Unfortunately, it looks like Americans are about to learn the hard way.

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