Detroit – Beyond Thunderdome

Last week I read an article in The Wall Street Journal titled, ‘Detroit and Decay’. It was truly disturbing. To me it tells a story about where this country is heading. In the early days of the industrial revolution, Detroit was the hub of innovation and capitalism. Today it more closely resembles a landscape scene […]

Protect Your Assets Now

In order to get the people to believe the US is the best place to do business, it must first BE the best place to do business.  And this involves creating the proper incentives.  I truly  believe that a large part of this needs to begin with a massively overhauled tax code similar to what […]

The Morality of Asset Protection

Back in May I went on a 12 day trip to Amsterdam and New York, then back to Estonia.  The purpose was to attend an annual entrepreneurship conference in New York that I have been a part of for 6 years now.  And what an amazing trip.  Each year we gather in a different US […]

Asset Protection – FATCA Requirements

The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, or FATCA, will require all foreign financial institutions or FFI’s to enter into information disclosure agreements with the IRS. A FFI is any non-U.S. entity that accepts monetary deposits, holds financial assets for the accounts of others, or participates in the business of investing or trading securities, commodities, partnerships, […]

LLC Secrets to Keep Your Assets Safe

While we have found there are two main threats to your wealth; litigation and government intervention, the focus for today will be primarily on litigation.  In 2008, there were nearly 1.2M practicing attorneys in the US alone and nearly 400K students in law school.  Costs of litigation consumed 2.3% of the US GDP, or approximately […]

Russia to Diversify out of US Dollars

According to a recent Bloomberg article, Russia is adding Australian and Canadian dollars to its international reserves.  The Russian central bank deputy chairman, Alexei Ulyukayev along with Dmitry Medvedev have recently suggested that the world needs a new reserve currency and the US dollar no longer should be used. Central banks around the world have […]

Small Business Tax Hikes – Asset Protection

In a recent article from Bloomberg on June12th, Senator Snowe, a Republican from Maine, called the new jobs bill a ‘poison pill’ for small business growth and investment. Snowe is talking about HR 4213, so aptly named the “American Jobs and Closing Tax Loopholes Act of 2010”.  Ironically, the loophole that looks to get closed […]

Obama’s Offshore Vendetta

A few weeks ago I attended the Fonds Fair in Zurich.  I was there primarily to listen to a few key presentations including Jim Rogers speaking on the future of the commodities markets. While at the conference, I also attended a presentation given by the CIO of Blackrock discussing the energy market. It was quite enlightening and […]

Tax Free Tshirt Company in Nevis

As I mentioned previously in my blog, I have discovered a way for some of you to defer taxation on your business income.  This, of course, requires an offshore asset protection strategy.  There are many details involved and lots of restrictions, but I am going to use a theoretical example to illustrate. Joe runs a […]

Norwegian Capitalists

A few weeks ago I was  in Oslo, Norway and spent some time with some local friends.  These guys are not your typical Norwegian socialists (sorry if that offends anyone).  They are very much of the free market mindset.  These are entrepreneurs and investors.  This was my first trip to Norway and I was in […]