Keynes vs Hayek rap – pretty funny

I found this video on the internet and thought it was pretty humorous.  Let me know what you think. 

Swiss Private Banks Refusing US Clients

This week I am attending an investment conference in Zurich called Fonds 2010.  I spent the day walking through the exhibitor area speaking to Swiss private banks, investment firm managers, hedge fund managers, and most any other type of investment professional you can think of. I approached one unnamed banker and asked if his company […]

State of the Union – protect your assets now

I am currently living outside of the US, 7 hours ahead of the east coast so I watched Obama’s State of the Union speech this morning on youtube.  I considered staying up until 4am last night just to watch it because his speeches, whether you agree with them or not, have significant impact on the […]

The Perverse Tax System in the US

In the US, you have the highest corporate tax rate in the world, one of the highest progressive personal tax rates, tax on your savings, tax on your dividends (after they have already been taxed!!!), and tax on every other  productive activity I can think of. Here in Estonia, there is no corporate tax, 21% […]

2 ways to move assets offshore without reporting – pt 2

As I mentioned in my previous post, there are two ways.  The other is holding precious metals in an offshore vault.  Gold has historically been a consistent use of money and will continue to be used that way long after we are gone. Paper money no longer has any value and is only guaranteed by […]

Currency controls – Part 2

In the future, we may be restricted from wire transfers, cash transactions, owned foreign businesses, or many other controls policymakers can conjure up.  There is already discussion about any transfer of funds over $1,000,000 requiring approval from the US Treasury Department.  What if they decide to block your transfer of funds?  A more serious threat […]

US citizens need to prepare for currency controls – Part 1

There has been some talk lately about future currency controls in the US.  What we don’t realize is that we already have currency controls.  Have you ever flown outside of the US and had to fill out that form asking you to declare any currency over $10,000?  Do you know why they want to know […]

We need 250 politicians like this

This is a must watch video.  While I rarely come across a politician I can support, this is the type of congressional canidates we need more of.  Lieutenant Colonel Allen West from Atlanta speaks from the heart and not from a teleprompter.

The war on offshore rages on

Last week the US House of Representatives passed a bill that contained the “Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act”.  This act was passed without a hearing or without any chance for opposition to be heard.  You can view the entire bill here.  Below are the highlights of the bill: Impose a 30% withholding tax on payments […]

US Senate sends budget increase to the White House

According to this article that appeared today in the Yahoo Finance pages, the Senate has approved a $1.1T spending bill that includes big increases in many government programs including health, education, law enforcement, and veterans’ programs.  Apparently our policymakers don’t understand basic economics.  What would happen in your business or household if you continued to spend […]