Police Raid – Shoot Pets in front of Children

I know this is completely unrelated to my usual blog rants, but when I came across this today, the disgust level ran so high it needed to be shared.  What does the future hold for the American people of this type of activity is allowed by our law enforcement?  While I am sure the man […]

Top 10 reasons you should celebrate the new health care bill

I don’t usually repost other people’s blogs, but this one is pretty funny.  Please click through to read the remainder… The Top Ten Reasons You Should Celebrate House Passage Of The Healthcare Bill 10) A nation that can afford trillions in deficits as far as the eye can see can surely afford hundreds of billions […]

Asset Protection and the Health Care Bill – p2

If you are reading this blog, you know my focus is on asset protection planning.  Presumably we are also somewhat like-minded or else you would quickly tire of my rants.  My point being, this health care bill has a significant impact on your wealth.  And the longer you wait to act on creating an asset […]

Asset Protection and the Health Care Bill – p1

If you have been reading my blog or newsletter for awhile, you can imagine my view on the new health care bill.  I realize this blog is primarily concerned with asset protection planning, so bear with me while I get to the ‘what’s in it for me’ question.  I agree with most Americans that the […]

David Wins a Small Battle Against Goliath

Our job is to provide you with relevant information and news as it relates to your assets.  We strive to seek out the information and relay it back to you in such a way, so you can make decisions on how to manage your wealth and your asset protection plan.  Many of you are likely […]

State of the Union – protect your assets now

I am currently living outside of the US, 7 hours ahead of the east coast so I watched Obama’s State of the Union speech this morning on youtube.  I considered staying up until 4am last night just to watch it because his speeches, whether you agree with them or not, have significant impact on the […]

Is the IRS targeting you for an audit?

According to this recent article in Forbes, the IRS has created a new enforcement unit to target high net worth individuals with complex holdings.  This group is called Global High Wealth Industry Group or GHWIG.  This is a direct attack at those with incomes over $100,000 per year. The GHWIG has broken the income groups […]

December 10 newsletter

I just published the December 10 newsletter.  Good information on how to set up an offshore investment account.  Sign up for the newsletter today.

Debt heads US toward ‘destruction’

   With the ridiculous amount of government spending and huge increase of debt, the US has no choice but to increase taxes and devalue the dollar.  If there was ever a time to diversify your wealth and create an offshore asset protection plan, it is now.  Creating an offshore asset protection strategy can give you […]