Facebook Wants Your Bank Info – To “Increase Engagement”

Facebook Wants Your Checking Account Balance

by Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP

Sometimes it’s hard to fathom just how far organizations will go to get your private data. It’s also creepy to think about what is being done with that information.

In another episode of “That won’t get many Likes,” Wall Street Journal reports that Facebook is asking large banks to share account information, including account balances. (I can’t believe I’m even writing those words).

Of course, using typical PR spin, the Facebook statement on the WSJ report is creepy:

“Account linking enables people to receive real-time updates in Facebook Messenger where people can keep track of their transaction data like account balances, receipts and shipping updates.”

Why on Earth would anyone need Facebook, a company on the heels of the Cambridge Analytica privacy disaster, to keep track of their private bank account information?

For perspective…

In the Cambridge scandal, Facebook was found to be sending personally identifiable data on 70.6 million Americans to Cambridge Analytica for various purposes.

Personally identifiable data means private information like addresses, phone numbers, interests, connections, etc.

Facebook did this without asking anyone. So how can you trust them with your personal banking information, no matter how they claim to be “using” it?

And they aren’t the only company doing this. According to NY Daily News, Google and Amazon have been lobbying for the same egregious violation of your privacy too:

Those familiar with Facebook’s talks with banks told the Journal that platforms such as Google and Amazon have also asked financial institutions to share data for potential banking services to be offered on Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

I’ve explained how Alexa “accidentally” records private conversations in a previous email. Now this.

And it’s all just baby steps toward “more engagement” with users. Facebook claims they are “… not using this information beyond enabling these types of experiences.”

Yeah, right.

Alexa “accidentally” records private conversations, Google collects data from your emails “only for” advertising, and Facebook is just trying to “increase engagement.”

Sounds like these “Data Dysons” are trustworthy custodians of your private data, don’t they?

You should ask yourself, what else are they doing with your data, accidentally or otherwise?

For example, Facebook can use this private data to manipulate elections, public opinions, even manipulate the minds of online users (on purpose).

The infamous “Facebook Experiment” was a very creepy emotion-alteration experiment where Facebook served up sad stories to some users, and happy stories to others.

They did this using private user data collected on their system, without the consent of the users (like a real experiment would get in advance).

If you were “experimented on,” and had a sad day at the office, it may have been because of Facebook. And you wouldn’t even know it.

So when Facebook says “Trust Us” with your bank account data, and doubles down by stating they “aren’t” violating your privacy… just say no.

Bottom line… your private life is an open book that any Government agency or individual with cheap technology can exploit.

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To living privately,

Bobby Casey


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2 thoughts on “Facebook Wants Your Bank Info – To “Increase Engagement””

  1. Kerry L Hanrahan

    Who the hell do they think they are. My bank account is a private affair and none of their business. Haven’t they gotten in enough trouble with their last breach of privacy?

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