This week I need to apologize in advance. I am warning you; this article is very disjointed to the point that any high school English teacher would scold me for the lack of flow. Most likely it would earn a solid F on the grading scale.

Regardless, I have several things to discuss with you so here goes.

The past week has been one of the busiest weeks of my life. We launched our new asset protection product, the Wealth Fortress Trust©, and haven’t even had time to put it up on the website. To be honest, I’m not sure I even want to list it on the site, due to privacy concerns.

It’s a very interesting hybrid product that I have never seen anywhere else. Due to the weaknesses of various other entities like FLP’s, LLC’s, corporations and trusts, we created this structure that combines the best attributes of all of the above without the weaknesses.

I have been completely overwhelmed by the number of emails and calls received since discussing this last week. If you have sent me an email or left a message, I will get back to you. Please be patient.

To answer some questions and summarize the highlights of the Wealth Fortress Trust©, here are a few of the details;
• It is a US based structure
• Offers complete anonymity
• Your name is not registered in any public record
• You retain complete control of the underlying asset
• Provides bulletproof asset protection from potential future creditors
• Low cost structure with minimal annual maintenance requirements
This product is perfect for;
• Investment real estate
• Segregation of your operating business from the real estate (if you own your building)
• Investment or trading accounts
• Large cash, or cash equivalent accounts
• Owing shares or membership interest of privately held companies
• Private investment partnerships
• High value business assets like equipment and machinery
If this appeals to you, please forward me an email with your name, number and your availability and we can schedule a call to discuss your asset protection needs.

In addition to this, I have been working diligently on producing the July issue of our EscapeWealth Ezine. We have partnered with EscapeArtist as the premiere portal for asset protection and financial information for expats or would-be expats.

We are very excited about this development and our new media partners involved. EscapeArtist has been around since the mid-90s and the site attracts over 15 million unique visits per year. We also have a subscriber database of 400,000 readers who receive our monthly Ezine.

If any of you work in the asset protection or financial arena and would like to tap into this very specific niche, please drop me an email and we can schedule a call to discuss options.

As a side note here, please do not contact me if you are only interested in blasting sales copy out to our 400,000 subscribers. I will only accept partners who are willing to provide real value to our readers. None of us need any more spam in our email box.

In the news today (July 13), Bernanke announced he may launch a new round of stimulus. Is anyone really surprised by this? I know I am not. It is only a matter of time.

The supply of dollars has more than doubled over the past 3 years and yet unemployment is still climbing. Interest rates are at all time lows, yet new and existing home sales are in the gutter. None of these attempts to control a market economy will ever work in the long run.

It seems the only ones benefiting from this stimulus measures are big business, aka friends of government. I would advise you to tread lightly with your investments and keep in mind who it is that’s pulling the puppet strings when you are allocating funds.

The US policymakers are still playing by the Keynesian rulebook of economics. Ironically Keynes was a big supporter of communist ideals like central planning. Keynes even praised Lenin for his 5 year plan.

Communism has proven over and over again that it just doesn’t work. Yet our policymakers still continue to play by his rulebook. As Einstein noted, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results”.

Who are the insane ones now? The politicians or the ones that keep voting them in office…

On a lighter note, I have been reading an amazing book I would encourage each of you to check out. It is Beyond Wealth: The Road Map to a Rich Life by Alexander Green.

I don’t recommend books often, but this one certainly deserves a look. Alexander is the investment director of The Oxford Club. He has been writing investment research for many years and has a tremendous track record.

More importantly, he has found balance in his life and understands what is truly important. The book is a compilation of essays he has written over the years and pulls wisdom from great minds throughout history.

I’ve even had my 11 year old son read this book (of course he has also read The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand). If you are a reader (and everyone should be), give it a look.