Is Residency in Panama Right for You?

September 10, 2015 by Bobby Casey When considering the various options for internationalizing your life, the question of “where” is always at the top of that list. However, “where” can have many variations in meaning, depending on your personal situation. For example; Where should I live? Where should I establish foreign residency? Where should I […]

The Fat Lady Is Singing…..Without Her Twinkie

by Scott Causey, GWP Resource Correspondent Just how bad does American business have to get before people finally start to get it? Hostess, the maker of the Twinkie, has filed for Chapter 7 liquidation in the fattest nation on Earth. Does anybody else see just a tad of irony in that? This was the second […]

Happy Parasites Day

by Bobby Casey, Managing Director Today is the day that the American sheeple line up at their local church, school, or town hall to determine the Chief Executive Parasite for the next 4 years. Some of you side with the Democrats liberal social agenda. You think that old white men should have not say in […]

Public Perception of Having Multiple Passports

by Adam Wolf, Director of US Operations Second Passport – Good or Bad? There have been several stories in the lamestream media lately of high-profile American citizens renouncing their citizenship, giving up their U.S. passports (or slave cards as Jeff Berwick calls them), and moving overseas. Specifically, the big stories have been about Eduardo Saverin, […]

Wake Up and Smell the Gunpowder

On the evening of December 31st, 2011 the Obamessiah signed the 2012 NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act).  For those of you following the political news, you will remember that the president vowed to veto this bill because of sub-sections 1021 and 1022. These 2 sub-sections deal with the detention of terrorism suspects.  The NDAA grants […]

Global Escape Hatch

I want to begin this newsletter by wishing all of my friends, family and readers around the world a happy holidays.  There are a myriad of winter traditions celebrated around the world on a variety of days ranging from Saint Nicholas Day on December 6th, Hanukkah from December 20-28th, Catholic or Protestant Christmas on December […]