That Would Never Happen in the US

The past couple of weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind trip mostly back in the US with meetings and visiting with family and friends. I even had the opportunity to speak at an event about offshore asset protection and developing your own Geo-Arbitrage strategy.

I am wrapping up the trip today and heading back to Europe tomorrow. Honestly I am really looking forward to getting back home. While I certainly enjoy spending time with friends and family the work is starting to pile up.

Considering my firm’s increase in workload recently, it seems folks are really waking up to the reality that there are very genuine physical and financial dangers out there today and they are taking steps to develop their own asset protection plan.

I want to share with you a story from a friend of mine. I’ve known Philip for a few years now. He is an excellent software engineer and a brilliant guy. Philip started his career as a doctor in Finland and decided to leave the country many years ago as he saw their socialist policies rapidly expanding.

When Philip left Finland, the US was the best choice for freedom and opportunity. He came to the US and learned how to develop software and set up his own shop. He has been hugely successful over the years, but as we have discussed on several occasions, the US is rapidly deteriorating under the weight of corrupt politicians who are trying to use you and I as their cash cows.

At lunch two days ago, Philip shared a story with me. This story falls under the heading;

“That Would Never Happen in the US”

Except, it did.

In the county where Philip lives there is now a government mandate that all children must be tested for lead. Doctors are not even telling parents about it. They are just taking blood samples and running tests according to this new law as the children appear in the doctors’ offices.

Philip’s two year old grandson was subjected to this test about one month ago. When the results were in, the doctor found small amounts of lead in his blood. Everyone has some lead, but the county has a very low minimum threshold (less than 50% of nearly all of the neighboring counties) for compliance.

If Philip’s grandson lived in a neighboring county the blood test would not have raised red flags, but since the county’s threshold is so low, the doctor was required to call CPS (child protective services), a government agency tasked with making sure your children are not mistreated.

About two weeks ago, Philip was at his home when CPS unexpectedly showed up with a team of environmental specialists to inspect his home. It seems that the parents’ home turned out clean so they went to the grandfather’s house since the child spends time there.

Philip’s home was built in the ’60’s so there was some lead used in the construction. The CPS and their environmental team determined that Philip must completely gut the inside of his house (all drywall, carpet, flooring, ceilings), replace all wood siding (must reuse wood as the house is in a historical district), and even dig a 3 foot wide by 6 foot deep trench around his house and replace with new dirt.

Philip has 60 days to comply with all repairs or his house will be condemned and deemed unsuitable for living. Contractors are quoting him prices around $100,000 for the repairs on his house that would be valued at $350,000.

These expenses must be paid out of pocket. There are no tax incentives or any assistance whatsoever offered. Just a demand from a government agency that he come up with $100,000 immediately and get the repairs complete in 60 days…or else.

Yet the government feels it has the power and the right to step in and tell Philip how to live his life. The claim is that the lead is dangerous so the nanny state must step in and protect its subjects.

Ironically Philip’s younger son, who grew up in the same house, graduated 1st in his class at a top private school and is now getting his master’s degree at MIT. Does it sound like he suffered from lead poisoning?

Folks, this really happened. In Philip’s county this law took effect last year. What comes next? Where is the line drawn? At what point do we get to determine what is best for our own lives?

Think it can’t happen to you? Was your home built before 1978? If so, it has lead in it. You may be at risk to suffer the same fate as Philip. Maybe the law isn’t in effect in your area. That doesn’t mean it won’t be soon though.

Government at all levels have far out-stepped their boundaries and the intrusiveness is growing by the day. This is nothing more than a power grab designed to keep the subjects at the mercy of the ruling political class.

If you cannot see the writing on the wall, there isn’t much I, or anyone else for that matter, can do to help you see the light.

For those of you that do see what is going on, you should be taking precautions. You should be developing your own asset protection plan and diversifying your risk through methods discussed in previous articles like, “Using Geo-Arbitrage to Stop the Acceleration of Destruction”.

Until next week, live well.

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