Is the IRS targeting you for an audit?

According to this recent article in Forbes, the IRS has created a new enforcement unit to target high net worth individuals with complex holdings.  This group is called Global High Wealth Industry Group or GHWIG.  This is a direct attack at those with incomes over $100,000 per year. The GHWIG has broken the income groups […]

December 10 newsletter

I just published the December 10 newsletter.  Good information on how to set up an offshore investment account.  Sign up for the newsletter today.

Debt heads US toward ‘destruction’

   With the ridiculous amount of government spending and huge increase of debt, the US has no choice but to increase taxes and devalue the dollar.  If there was ever a time to diversify your wealth and create an offshore asset protection plan, it is now.  Creating an offshore asset protection strategy can give you […]