Yen Rallies During Italian Elections

March 5, 2013 By: Tres Knippa, Member Chicago Mercantile Exchange During the circus of European politics, the Yen enjoyed a temporary rally.  But that is only a distraction from the greater issue: an international race to the bottom in political leadership and irresponsible fiscal policy. Howdy, from Chicago. What a week it was in the […]

The Fourth Amendment: Abolished

February 26, 2013 By Steven Hilgart, Director of Marketing and Conference Operations The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution protects us from illegal search and seizures!  But not in Constitution free zones where it’s been abolished. I’ve always been that guy who touches the stove to see if it’s hot. And what better way to test […]

The Draft: Forcing the Appearance of Equality

February 25, 2013 By: Kelly Diamond, Editor The draft takes the perceived iniquity of targeting the poor, and evens the playing field so everyone has an equal chance at dying on a battle field… as opposed to the equal chance not to. A topic which smacked of “Obama Youth” back in the 2008 campaign days […]

Price Discrimination and the 529 College Savings Scam

February 21, 2013 By: Gordon Haave A 529 Savings Plan is NOT a mechanism for saving for a child’s college tuition, but rather saving for a college administrator’s salary. With a four-year degree estimated at $150,000 or more – and rising every year – parents scramble to find a way to pay for this looming […]

Expatriation: If You Don’t Like It, Leave!

February 19, 2013 By: Kelly Diamond, Editor When we are told to “leave” because of our views toward government, is that a cruel suggestion or sage advice? I say, rather than leave, let me opt out! As my frustrations with the current trajectory of the U.S. economy and overall policies mount, I was instructed, once […]

Amerika Has Become Fat and Lazy

Economic problems find no solutions in artificial gimmicks like increasing the minimum wage. by Bobby Casey, Managing Director February 16, 2013 Those with absolutely nothing better to do, perhaps watched the Chief Executive Parasite, the Obamessiah, deliver the State of the Socialist Union address this past week.  (And to those who missed this pompous display of […]

Take Our Guns, But You’ll Never Take… Our CELL PHONES!

by Steven Hilgart, Director of Conference Operations Maybe I’m fired up about this new law. Maybe I’m upset that I got another parking ticket the same night. I mean – come on – everyone tells me I HAVE to pay my taxes to pay for roads, but you sure as hell can’t be on them, […]

Institutional Thinking and the Creature from Jekyll Island

  by Scott Causey, GWP Resource Correspondent Today I’d like to take a break from my usual pound the table rants for precious metals. Buy the “rumor” and sell the “news”, in other words. Gold, silver, and platinum have all had monster moves in the last 30 days. I hope that everyone who has been […]

Global Monopoly: America vs. The World

by Bobby Casey, Managing Director The news stories from the past couple of days have been interesting to say the least. Just yesterday, the US Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, was murdered, and even possibly sodomized, by the very people he was there to serve. According to Hillary Clinton, “He risked his own life to […]

Food War III

by Scott Causey, GWP Resource Correspondent Who knew that the rap artist Nelly was actually a savvy investor? From the song “Grillz”: “Got 30 down at the bottom 30 mo’ at the top All invisible set in little ice cube blocks If I could call it a drink call it a smile on da rocks […]