Interview: My WORST Investment Ever

Bobby Casey shares his worst investment experience ever with Andrew Stotz. May 23, 2019 Interview: Andrew Stotz & Bobby Casey As they say there’s no losing: you either win, or learn. This is especially true with investing. I’ve made my share of mistakes, and I share the worst one in this interview with Andrew Stotz. […]

Front Door to Your IRS Profile Could Be Wide Open

During the government shutdown, sensitive information about private Americans was left vulnerable and exposed. February 5, 2019 The U.S. government shutdown had lasted for a month or so before temporarily re-opening around January 25th. It’s staying open until February 15th. Before it re-opened, any private data you submitted on a U.S. government website was subject […]

Interview: Expat Money Show

December 12,2018 Interview with Mikkel Thorup from the Expat Money Show Bobby Casey talks us through how in 2007,  his company Global Wealth Protection came about.  Where he started, why it was so important for him and who he works with.  As Bobby realized, he needed to plug his holes, so his friends were likely in the […]

Facebook Wants Your Bank Info – To “Increase Engagement”

Facebook Wants Your Checking Account Balance by Bobby Casey, Managing Director GWP Sometimes it’s hard to fathom just how far organizations will go to get your private data. It’s also creepy to think about what is being done with that information. In another episode of “That won’t get many Likes,” Wall Street Journal reports that […]

Portugal: A Glimpse into America’s Future

June 16, 2014 By: Kelly Diamond, Publisher The E.U. still has its struggles, and it seems every country it “helps” can’t manage to get out of the dire circumstances the Troyka ostensibly bailed them out of in the first place. I imagine a man drowning. Someone comes up with the brilliant idea that we splash […]

Beaming with Paternal Pride!

June 10, 2013 By: Bobby Casey, Managing Director My daughter, Ashton is a lovely 17 year old whom I affectionately refer to as mini-me.  For years she rejected the idea that she was like her dad.  Over time, she realized it was unavoidable. She is a younger, female version of me.  Sure, she is her […]

There Will be No Economic Recovery – Prepare Yourself

by Bobby Casey, Managing Director I want to share with you a recent video from my friend Stefan Molyneux. Stefan is the host of the largest philosophy show in the internet with nearly 50 million podcast downloads. He is also the winner of the 2012 Liberty Inspiration Award beating the likes of Ron Paul and […]

Offshore Trusts and Foundations – 23 More Days

by Bobby Casey, Managing Director December 7, 2012 Offshore trusts and foundations have been the main area of interest for our clients over the past couple of weeks. We have been bombarded with requests to set up a offshore trusts or foundations for clients who are seeking to escape the estate tax trap before the […]

The Last Gold-Backed Currency in the World

by Bobby Casey, Managing Director I am writing this sitting in the Istanbul airport waiting on my connection back to Latvia. I wanted to share with you my reflections over the past few days as Turkey could be an excellent option for many of you looking to move overseas and internationalize your life. One thing […]

Philosophy on Wealth

by Steven Hilgart, GWP Director of Marketing and Conference Operations Lots of people want to be rich. Lots of other people think money is the root of all evil. The common belief is that if you have some sort of wealth – you got it through cheating, lying, stealing, and stepping on people on your way […]