Happy Brexit 1776

by Bobby Casey On July 4th, 1776, the document penned by Thomas Jefferson known as the Declaration of Independence was adopted by the original 13 United States of America. It was signed by 56 delegates of the former British colonies as an act of defiance against Great Britain. It was a defining moment that has […]

Offshore Strategy: Step One

June 9, 2015 by Bobby Casey Nearly every day of the week I get a call or email from readers asking me, “I am just starting out with internationalizing my life – what do you think I should do first?” I cannot answer this question in broad strokes as everyone’ situation is different. We consider […]

Destruction of Perpetual Wealth – 40 More Days

by Bobby Casey, Managing Director In 40 days, massive changes occur in regards to estate taxes. For 2012, you can give $5.12M gift tax free to your heirs. If you are married, you can give $10.24M. This threshold equates to the non-taxable portion of your estate when you die. The estate tax is currently set […]

The Last Gold-Backed Currency in the World

by Bobby Casey, Managing Director I am writing this sitting in the Istanbul airport waiting on my connection back to Latvia. I wanted to share with you my reflections over the past few days as Turkey could be an excellent option for many of you looking to move overseas and internationalize your life. One thing […]

Happy Parasites Day

by Bobby Casey, Managing Director Today is the day that the American sheeple line up at their local church, school, or town hall to determine the Chief Executive Parasite for the next 4 years. Some of you side with the Democrats liberal social agenda. You think that old white men should have not say in […]